Thursday, June 07, 2007

I want a fucking present!

So, a while ago I joined Facebook. I didn't want to but I was trying to deal with my lack of myspace and everyone and their mate kept on adding me, so I finally gave in.

Since being on there, I've gone through the hatred and dislike, I've now accepted it. I hate the fact that there is not a lot of diversity and it's all so straight looking but I also quite like it, it's a little like school uniform (although you're actually unable to identify the scabby kids, other than through their general inability to spell) and it's pretty simple to use.
I hate the fact that all of my friends can see my every move and comment - no privacy, but I like the fact that you get told when people have added new photos, etc.

I also love two aspects of it, how you know people (the most filled out, waste of time ever - I love being nosy about people's contacts. I've claimed to have hooked up with mostly everyone, which I haven't except one and that is on going currently) and also the present giving aspect, as it's for charity and makes a lovely token.

Which brings me to my point of selfishness. I want someone to give me a fucking present, it's not that much to ask. The first one is free and it doesn't take that much to dedicate a small piece of nothingness to a friend. Plus you can then buy in bulk for cheap.
I gave my first one to Bizz, as she was leaving work and I love her. I also gave Howardo a giraffe (I wish it was dressed up in clothes but never mind) as she'd been a good friend, an orchid to Vikki - as she was poorly, a pint of beer to Jon - he's great, why else?! and a four leaf clover to Emily - as she was leaving us, the dirty rotten ho-bag!

Later today, I shall shower my two bestestest friends with one each, as I love them but still no one dedicates one to me - nothing. I want to give more away, with sentimental feelings and thoughts but when I see that the people have already got one, it makes me begrudge giving them one, which is stupid but hay ho, that's the way it goes. My thought is that I adore giving presents to people and love making people smile and feel loved, so a little token that gives money to charity is always a worthy cause but I'm starting to grit my teeth and get rather annoyed by the lack of love I've received from my friends.
I know you're not supposed to give to receive but after giving so much, I want to see some returned in more ways than one!!! I know all of my friends love me, it's hard not too but some times actions/presents speak louder than words/thoughts.

And now beacuse I've complained, when I do get one, I'm going to constantly think that I only got it because I complained - fucking hell!!! This is one selfish bird signing off.

Although on another note, I was reminded last night, that I had a dream about Jaffa Cakes, yeah!!! Flucky told me that I was also muttering about dragons but I don't remember any of the dream (I do remember waking up and telling him that I'd dreamt about the cakes though), so I'm choosing to ignore that point and focus on the fact that Jaffa Cakes made it to my subconcious - fuck yeah!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My life Since P.A. entered.

P.A. undoubtably is Paul Askew, aka Axl.

I remember the first time I ever met Mr Axl. I was attending a roast dinner at Junction Road 90210 and there he was, along with a mixture of other people, Nell, Paul, Lex, Russ, V and Andy (plus the dog, that they'd been looking after), Mat and Hannah, Lee (Wainwright Jnr), Tim and others - can't really remember whoelse and I'm sorry if by forgetting someone I offend them, not intending to but it's hard to remember anyone, when Axl is around.
Ahh yes, Axl, you know it, Mr suck all of the attention in, move aside TV/music/radio/general entertainment, Axl is here now.
So anyway, yes that was my first proper encounter, he was rather subdued that night, if I remember correctly but it was all good.
We discovered early on in our friendship that we had equal need for: attention, witty one liners, getting a little too drunk, bitching and generally feeling mightier and better than everyone else, well because we are, of course! This brought on my excitement when ever he appeared to be around and especially when he got hooked up with the internet = myspace and blogs.

One of my favourite one liners of his was after he spilt a whole glass of wine over Lex's female friend, he exclaimed that he'd saved Lex a job, as she was already wet!!! Genius, everyone else kept their calm and didn't laugh out that loud and I was literally rolling around the floor, crying tears of salty pleasure (and no not I the boys one eyed snake sense).

He's done some nutty shit (not as in poo, as in head butting light bulbs, beer showers and standing way to close to Hootie, during drunken moments) and he's done some rather intelligent things (like dating Alex, being my friend and writing a blog).

And on Saturday night, he pushed the entertainment boundaries for me, to an all time high (this is excluding the lighbulb head butting) and is mainly towards all of the fucking comments he made and the insistency of stealing my shoes and getting an extremely eager guy to wear them, as well as giving himself a beer shower and applying a hanger to his clothing attire - he had me hooked on his every loudly spoken word. I think it's safe to say that we are two kindred spirits.

So Axl, it's not quite what you wanted (it's probably better, as it's all about you), but I promise I shall rant soon, wait for my life to stop making me happy and I'll rant away but for now, I hope my ode to you is enough.