Thursday, November 27, 2008

New ideas are always better

When you get off your arse, a lot more gets done. Surprisingly?!

After 3 years of promising to watch my old housemates, Howard's, favourite  Christmas film "It's a Wonderful Life", I'm doing it. Am sat here at work, watching it and have cried, laughed, been horrified and am in admiration. It's fu*king brilliant!!!
Howard has the right idea completely, it's all about the proper idea of Christmas. Being with loved ones and doing favours for people, instead of keeping all your time to yourself. It's a beautiful film. The postman suggested it should be redone in colour. What a horrific suggestion! Why oh why do people try to ruin things with modern ways. It's a beautiful black and white film, there truly is nothing like the old fashioned black and white classics. They are so romantic, misty, well shot and just fantastic.

I've also found that Hollywood (modern, not old) are still trying to refilm classic horror films (they've truly run out of ideas). 
They've massacred: 
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Old one: classic art house, suspence filled horror. New one: Jessica Biel in a wet white vest with no bra), 
The Amityville Horror (haven't seen either but a good friend of mine is outraged), 
House of Wax (Old one: B Movie fabulousness. New One: Paris Hilton gets killed, this is the best part of the film), 
The Fog (Old one: B Movie, bad monsters. New One: annoying actors who you want to die), 
They are currently in production of Friday the 13th. One of the best horror scenes I've ever seen is when Kevin Bacon gets stabbed through the mattress, they'll never be able to recreate it and it's a shame that they even try. I checked under my bed for weeks and I still do occasionally even now.
And horror of all horrors, they are redoing a Hitchcock, one of his most brilliant pieces of work, The Birds. Do they not realise that this film is so amazing, due to the director, not the story. It's like redoing Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and then claiming it's the same. It's blasphemy in Hollywood.

Now a know a lot of film storylines are taken, remodeled and repackaged, I'm not stupid but when they literally take a storyline and refilm it, word for word and then throw in some more gruesome images. It takes away from the original horror factor, which is the imagination of the viewer. It's such a shame.

As for Hollywood remakes of the Japanese Horrors, it's pathetic that Hollywood felt they had ot remake it with American speaking actors, because the subtitles might remove some of the suspense or whatever the excuse was. I've seen some of the American versions and have hated them compared to the originals. The originals were brilliant and scared me shitless. So for now, I'll stick with the originals, because most of the time, the originals are better anyway.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some recent brain sick....

So this week, I have mostly been laughing.
I can't help it, I'm laughing at everything, with my bad moods, with my friends, with my good moods, with the stupid things I say and do and also I'm laughing at strangers (not in a bad way, in a shared positive way). I'm finding it a fabulous thing to do.

A couple of my friends and I went on a joint STD clinic visit (it's always good to know and it's a free NHS service, why wouldn't you go yearly?) and my male friend was papping his pants, so I sat there humming the Jaws theme tune - cruel but fair. Turns out we are all safe, STD clean friends - which is nice!

Am totally confused about life and how it works, as recently I've had dealings* with two chaps and might be having dealings* with another two guys, all who's first name begin with A! Just to keep things simple. One of guys I haven't done anything with I adore and would rather keep his friendship, than ruin it with complications. We will see...

I'm hating the new Mr Muscle adverts, it appears that Mr Muscle has been on steroids - it's crap now! No more string vests, stripy boxers or arms the size of cocktail sticks. Now a superhero outfit and huge musclesm it's shit!

So sit back and enjoy one of the classic ads:

Last night, I downloaded the best of Whitney Houston and Britney Spears - think iTunes may cancel my account, due to poor taste in music but there is a reason, other than the fact that "I wanna dance with somebody" is one of the all time greatest dancing songs, in fact I lied, there are no other reasons.

Have maxed out my credit card again, shh, don't tell anyone.

My knitting princess status may be coming to an end, because I keep on waking up with the claw - it hurts and makes typing quite hard.

The transport/traffic idiots of Oxford City Council are being idiots. They are finally permit parking a huge amount of East Oxford, which is a really good idea. The bad idea is that they haven't actually visited any of the streets to survey, especially around my area there are a lot of home made driveways, right where they claim permit parking will be. Have replied to their report, implying that maybe getting off their arses and coming to see the actual roads they'll be trying to organise, might help - or something to that effect. Let's see if it makes a blind bit of difference, probably not but then again, it's not them who will be trying to park here, so why should they worry?

I love the comic tv show "No Heroics" it's bloody hysterical.

I'm still in love with LoveFilm.

* Doesn't necessarily mean intercourse, it could just mean a kiss or something to that effect. It's all extremely random, as I recently had a 7 month drought without even a snifter of anyone or thing.

P.S. This was my 100th post!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What to type..

I've loads of things to say, but not sure what to start with or how i can fix them all in the one entry.  They are all odds and ends and don't really gel well, so I think I may just waffle on and on about not a lot.

I have to admit, a lot of the entries on here have been a little thin, as I've a new place to invest, which is a little more private in a public sense and of course, I've been freaking busy, which doesn't help much, other than my stress levels.

Am currently asking a friend the following question, out of everyone in the world, who would you kill first? Not sure who I'd start with, as you've the option of political figures who can get it so wrong or are just huge fascists! Annoying famous people, annoying people in real life, people who have hurt your friends or family, etc...god knows where I'd start. I don't think I'd start with someone who'd hurt me, I've dealt with my demons, so would I go to my friends and famillies tormentors? Probably not, as I think they've near enough dealt with their demons too, so...god knows?!
I might kill the directors who make awful remakes. The remake of the Texas Chainsaw springs to mind...oh and the director who did the House of Wax remake (although you did get to see Paris Hilton die and for that, I'd give the guy an oscar), it's such a hard question to answer.

I can't remember what else I was going to write about now, got sidetracked but will bid you a farewell for now, I've work to do...enjoy thinking of your killing spree lists...