Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's nearly 2am and I'm sat in my bed writing a blog?! I've been trying to sleep for about an hour now and my brain is skipping, jumping, twirling, dancing, pole-valuting, questioning why I've said something or didn't say something and I can't take it anymore, so am hoping that by emptying some of it here, I may be able to find some peace, just maybe, nothing more.
I'm finally readjusted to my Oxford life. I went to this beautiful magical Christmasland for 6 days and it made me feel shite upon return, as my normally shiny positive world, appeared tarnished and not so shiny. In fact it seemed pretty empty and lonely...I guess being surrounded by people for 6 days and returning to an empty house would make anyone feel like this but add the fact that all of my household are loved up, adds for lonely times. Plus most of my close lady friends are all loved up also, bar 2 and I'm in for a lot of male friends or singleton times.

I'm ready to fall in love again but all the guys I meet or seem to get involved with, only want fun times (I'm an easy going, fun release from their seemingly up-tight recent ex's. As if I've no emotion or desire to be more than a fuck buddy - cheers guys!), or they aren't quite right for me. But there is a shiny silver lining, I have finally put my rose tinted view on the matter that the more shitty guys and dates and bullshit I have to put up with, the more incredible the bloke I finally meet will be - I'll apply small amounts of hope to that one though.

I was asked the other day what my desert island disc songs would be? I always say that these sorts of lists are impossible and that they'd have to be written for right now, not tomorrow or yesterday. As new songs effect, old ones resurface and others get new meanings but there are some songs that would appear, maybe not in a years time but right now, I could happily die after listening to all of them in a row (please don't test this though, as I really like living and being alive). I'm not sure how many songs you get on desert island discs (normally I'd research but I just want to write, I just want some ease of thinking).

My instant answer to said question was Rolling Stone's Wild Horses.
My next suggestion was Radiohead's Last Flowers (I love it but I may replace it with True Love Waits, I've loved it longer and doesn't rip off the riff from Karma Police).
The Doobie Brothers' Give me the beats boys, sung by Bill Withers.
U2's With or Without you.
Queen's The Show must go on.
Lucky Jim's You're lovely to me.
King of Leon's True Love Way
And finally, Cinematic Orchestra's To build a home.
I think that would be it, nothing fancy, randomly, no ladies present?! But a nice set of lovely songs, that could keep me smiling all day long.

In other news, I hate New Years Eve with a passion, so will be willing it to pass as quickly as possible, while at work*. Although my resolution, if I have to have one might be to either actually stop biting my nails, instead of not bite them for 2 months and then massacre them in one weekend or to correct my posture, who knows?! 

* I know I said about this time last year I would not work this new years eve and actually attempt to go out and enjoy myself, well I failed. No money, means time and a half looks good. Plus I'd probably stay in and with my state of mind at the mo, it wouldn't be such a good idea.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Austen in real time

I was asked the other day, if I had to compare myself to a Jane Austen character, who would it be? 
I stated how I loved 'Northanger Abbey' but more for Mr Tilney, than Catherine, who in one simple sentence is a "fantastical little girl with no grip on reality", although at times my fantasy life is far more interesting than reality.
Then I said I quite liked Fanny from 'Mansfield Park', due to the fact that she is intelligent and likes a moral living, with an underdog tone but she's also downtrodden and slightly to shy for my liking. Although thinking about it, maybe not - she's quite dull at times.
Maybe I could be Elinor Dashwood of Sense and Sensibility but then she's rather dull at times also.
I've the wit and determination of Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice but she's too gullible and believing in everyone with no even judgement.

My actual response was "most of Austen's characters are exaggerated for obvious reason, so maybe a mix of all of them". Alas I've come home and now know the answer. I'm Anne from Persausion. The one who lives for helping others and has learnt to put her own needs last. I'm not a martyr or anything like that, I don't think I'd change a thing even if I could, I just don't see why I should help myself when I can help others. I don't see why I should sit on my arse, when I can actively help those who need some help.
And if I've not entirely her, I'm a mix of her and Elizabeth Bennett. God knows?! Maybe I should stick to my original response?!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can't get them out of my head...

I guess that title won't help most of you, as you'll all start singing Kylie, well that's kind of the point of this post. I've songs stuck in my head and the more I listen to them, the more I sing them and crave them. It's like pregnant cravings but for songs, instead of food.

The songs are:
Bill Withers - Give Me The Beats Boys
Lady Hawke - Magic
(The above two are thanks to Chips' latest mixed cd he sent me, I love getting mix cds)
Ryan Adams - To Be Young
Van Morrison - Bright Side of The Street
Bruce Springsteen - Blinded By The Light (my house mates love me singing this, honest they do. OK they really really hate it but tough shit!)
& Kings of Leon - Revelry

Mainly the two top ones are the biggies that I keep on humming, in fact I listened to Bill to get me in a better mood to have to clean the studio (it did the trick), am loving it so so much! It makes me really happy, as in big dappy smile on my face happy.

In other news, I'm dining out with the ladies tomorrow night, an evening of drinking, food and good company. Apparently there is also karaoke - oh deary me, my poor poor friends, I like karaoke and attention when I'm being a moron, they'll never get me off it, once they get me on it, poor fuckers.

I've also had to buy an indestructible camera. Now I'm good with technical equipment, especially for a lady but I've had not a lot of luck with cameras. I like to take photos, I enjoy taking them and lately have been found without. Last Christmas, I had a bulky Fujifilm camera for nearly a year and my friend while drunk dropped it from a height, opps! Death of Camera 1.
Roll on Jan 08, off I go to the sales and purchase a shiny Pentax (Camera 2), it was lovely and still is. A little technical blip at the beginning of summer saw me buying Jessops insurance (I recommend this highly, it's cheap and lasts for 3 years. Covers everything except theft & maybe loss.), September comes I go to the beach and sand destroyed it. Off it goes to the fixers, comes back a month later still screwed, off it goes again, a month later back in time for a blow out party. 2 weeks later and it's screwed up again, I guess someone kicking a large glass of Red Bull over it, didn't help.
Jessops here I come and they also spotted that the lense is back to front and were impressed it focused, etc for photos. While in there, I joke about buying an indestructible one and then ended up doing so, as my Pentax is going to be away for the whole of xmas, which sucks.
I'm now living with an Olympus and apparently it's waterproof, sand proof, life proof basically! The chap in the shop has buried it, played catch with it and thrown it in the washing up bowl - I think I may be safe, finally, from killing this one!

It's this ones big brother. But this advert annoys me so much! (Rant below)

I hate this kid, he needs a beating! If I'd even considered doing something like this to equipment when I was a kid, I'd have had my arse beaten raw, ok maybe not but the point is, that at a young age I had respect carved in to my mind and therefore wouldn't dream of doing anything like this. I know I shouldn't take this advert so literally but it really winds me up, as for the mother too busy gassing on the phone to even notice the behaviour of her brat of a child - Grr!

"Give me the beat boys to free my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock n roll and drift la la"

Monday, December 15, 2008

Is it really December?

I don't feel festive at all...spent yesterday and today in London with my cousin. She lives just off New Bond Street. We walked down there and Regents Street and it was all festive, lights lit and fake snow lined window displays and yet I've still got nothing.
I've bought my bottles of wine for staying at Bizz' family home and have most of my presents and yet, still nothing...let's hope it kicks in by the 23rd!

I did intend on buying some presents down in London but ended up buying myself some new clothes (all sale found) and some new make up. Also we were going to visit the Christmas fayre in Hyde Park but made it no where busy gossiping and gasing. Times are hard.

Last week I was on stage with Supergrass at Shepherd's bush Empire. It was amazing! I smacked a cameraman in the face with sweets, I didn't mean too (sorry Mr Camera man). After distributing the sweets and rubber items, I had to dance on stage?!!!! Oh dear, I'm an awful dancer but had some fun anyway. It was hard not too - 2500 people having fun, confetti bombs, friends and good music - some times it's hard not to enjoy yourself!!! Was amazing! Definitely one of the best things I've done this year! Plus I was totally sober!!!
Someone filmed it, I'm the girl on the left or stage right - whatever! (They played a punk version of Once in Royal David's City.

The next night I went to see Kings of Leon with Lianne. They were fab! We had passes, not sure what they were for but we had to leave due to Paddington being on the other side of the capital, grr! Not like I would have used them anyway?! I didn't really know any of their crew, other than the head of their security and he would have been busy.

In other news, everyone should watch a film called Superstar - it's funny as and you'll all then be exposed to the 'fax machine' and the 'moving on' dance moves, they are pretty special!
In fact I've found some clips:

I can't find the moving on - shame!

Am hoping my festive spirit will arrive soon - maybe if I wore my garish Christmas dress, it will work?!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I'd rather go to the dentist

Firstly, the wedding was lovely. It wasn't as much of a slog as I thought it would be. I didn't drink and am glad I didn't. It was a lovely occasion and I'm glad I attended. It was a lot more intimate than I thought it would be, which makes it more special.

I didn't make it in to the pages of Hello!, shameful on their behalf really but what can you do?

After my horrid bout of cold last week, I've no developed Tonsillitis.
Now this may sound random but I get it all the time, not as bad as this but pretty bad. I always thought when I got a little swelling on one side of my throat, it was a gland but according to my father, it's tonsil based. Which means one of them flames up at least once every two months.
When I was younger, I used to always get it and the doctors always fobbed me off, with the whole "if you get it again, we'll take them out", I had it about 6 times in one year and every time, we'll do something about it next time - they never did.

Anyway, I always thought it was a gland swollen, not my tonsils, so normally ignored it and after a few days they'd go away. I'd feel fine, other than the lump, so would carry on regardless.
They swelled up on Sunday, both sides which is quite rare for me, bloody painful and gross, so I slept a lot! Did nothing. I went to work last night 7 hours of pub work and at 9pm a headache kicked in, was awful. Came home after work and passed out, still headachy at 3am, same again at 6am, same again at 7am, at which point I went on a hunt for drugs! Found some paracetamol and codeine - these brought my tonsils down and finally got rid of the headache.

Woke up this morning rough as sandpaper and feeling pap. Now the reason I'd rather go to the Dentist, is my Doctors surgery is horrendous! If they answer the phone, you get arsey receptionists who don't want to book appointments and don't want to be bothered. Once you finally get an appointment, it's for 3-4 days time. If you're still ill then and make it to the surgery, you're kept waiting 30 minutes past your appointment time by hypochondriac old people and then the doctors normally tell you that it's a virus or that a couple of paracetamol every four hours will do the trick?! I hate the doctors, I never go. I personally think if you're well enough to go to the doctors to get sick notes, you're well enough to attend work. I'd rather get my teeth drilled than go to the doctors. I'd rather get a huge bill off my dentists, as even this is less painful than trying to attend the surgery.

I went to Tesco' pharmacy, thought they might be able to give me advice. Immediately I got the horrid lady (there are two and one is lovely and one is cold hearted and rude - I think she's in league with the surgery's receptionists). She told me to go to the doctors, I told her I had no time and by the time my appointment was made they'd have gone away, she sold me Ibuprofen - woop!
I went to see my parents, they'd a stack of old medicine and low and below an old bottle of Penicillin - yeah! So what it's it's 15 years old, there is enough in there for at least 9 days worth. My dad was a little apprehensive but I don't care. It hasn't cost me loads of hassle from the doctors and it's free. If it doesn't work, I loose nothing and if it does - added bonus!

I mean, I eat rotten fruit and veg with the mouldy bits removed and out of date tinned food, etc - what's the difference between that and out of date drugs?

Thursday, December 04, 2008


I know it's wrong and that I should feel very privileged to be invited to a celebrity event of the year but I can't be arsed. I still feel a bit sick and would rather my bed than a drive to Somerset. Plus, I'm more excited about Fat Freddy's Drop in London tomorrow night, than tonight.

I did a last minute, argh! run to the shops to find something new - nothing! So bought some make up instead, that's normal, isn't it? No dresses, so make up will do. Good, I thought it was.

Am now sat here, one Berocca, 2 lemsip down, thinking ugh, whatever?! I've been given the chance to get out of it and I know I shouldn't want to but I do. I know if I don't go it'll be a shame but I also know that at one point this evening, I'll think "why the hell am I here?". My colleague's husband is going now, so I'll inevitably be alone at some points, even though I'll know people there, they'll all have plus ones to hang with, this isn't really an issue but then you feel half cut, everything is a lot more drastic, when normal.

The biggest shitter, is the no mobile phone rule. I know I know, I used to live quite happily without a mobile, was quite happy for my own thoughts and peace and quiet and yet the idea of not having it, does worry me slightly, as boredom is always solved by these beautiful trouble making, killing machines.

Right, I must get going. I must go and have fun and oh don't forget to wear make up, as my boss implied that I didn't want to scare any guests away, yep cheers for that, feeling on top of the world already. Luckily I know he's kidding, well he best be kidding - bastard!

I'll let you know how bad it wasn't soon. At least I know I won't be drunk enough to make a fool of myself, yeah!!! For once.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In answer... my earlier enquiry "I imagine there is nothing more depressing than trying on a wardrobe of clothes, while you can't properly see or raise your arms up above your body, due to being so achy", there are more depressing things, of course there are. I'm a drama queen but not that badly, well not currently...

Yes, there are more depressing things, like trying on a dress you wore 8 months earlier with total success and finding it is tight and looks like a hippo trying on one of the Olsen twins' dress'. Even putting on high heels didn't help, when normally it always helps. I didn't even dare attempt my "waist slimmer thing" (in other words "girdle"), couldn't bear the idea, let alone the actual practice.

But I've narrowed it down to two outfits, which look alright and if all else fails, I'll be high on lemsip and red bull, so won't care?! I can't wait for a whole week, where I can eat nothing and run my arse off, to try and rid my lardy arse of these extra pounds I gained last year!!! Although I fear I'm sounding more like my mother everyday and will always rather grab a cup of hot chocolate and piece of cake, than my running shoes and iPod. Maybe one day I'll be a thin, a well restrained fool, who's life surrounds looking at things and never having them but I'll look fabulous, so that's good. Although, where is the fun in that? I think I'd rather buy clothes a size bigger than needed, so I don't have to notice when they get a little tight...

Jesus, I'm only 26, if I have that theory now, I'll be the size of a house by 40!

Sniff Sneeze and Snot

Guess what I've been doing over the last few days? I suppose the title kind of gives it away but not really. OK, so yes in fact it does give it completely away but I'm trying to be clever, with half a brain and a lot of fog in my cranium, plus my housemate is playing music loudly, while my brain thump thump thumps away.

I've had a cold but not just a typical, snotty nose, inability to breath, slightly achy cold, I mean a full power rushing headlong right in to my forehead, knock me off my feet style cold. It's been gross! When I get colds they generally hit me head long. When I worked at the Zodiac Nightclub, I got them all the time and would have them for weeks at a time. Nowadays, I work longer hours but appreciate sleep more, so when I have the chance, I grab it with both hands (what with old age and all...).
Last week I felt a bit shit, so literally exchanged my usual 15 pints of water, to 10 cups of Lemsip a day. By Saturday I felt a little tip top (probably a little high), had lots to do but I didn't feel pap, felt fantastic in fact, a little tired but that didn't stop me partying until 6am.

Sunday, felt like death. I tried to entertain my guests but failed, so they departed late lunchtime. Spent the entire day in bed, feeling rubbish, thought it was alcohol probably was...
Monday death came by and knocked my socks off, I called in sick to work but then turned up anyhow (I'm such a trooper). That night I slept no hours at all, as I was too busy coughing or sneezing.
Tuesday, was like proper death, swollen eyes, achy body, snot factory on full power. I slept all day.
Wednesday back to achy, less snot, generally feeling pap but not like death pap - slept a lot!
Also watched Transformers with my housemate, I forget how well executed that film is and how funny. Also some Family Guy, American Dad and Spaced (I tried to introduce a friend to Spaced the other day. He was having none of it. Loser! Although when I introduced him to Black Books he didn't get it either but now, completely different story). I am feeling a little better, like I've got a slight cold, not a man flu style horrid invasion though.

The downside is that I've a wedding to attend tomorrow. It's a work related party, so I feel bad being off for two days and then showing up to party but there is no way I'm going to be on form to drink, so lemsip and red bull will be in my bag. I've also no idea what I'm going to wear. Will be driving to Somerset straight from work, so need to pack now, well in fact I should probably be asleep now, instead of writing this. Funnily enough, I don't feel like trying on my entire wardrobe while feeling this pap. I imagine there is nothing more depressing than trying on a wardrobe of clothes, while you can't properly see or raise your arms up above your body, due to being so achy. Good times! I'll be doing this shortly, so can let you know how depressing it is.

Also, I spent ages trying to buy a dress (was 100% silk, beautiful, in the sale, in my size - hurry, might sell out) from Miss Selfridges earlier. Due to Visa Verification (I appreciate they are saving us hassle and money but lately they've done nothing but cause me hassle), it took ages, two phone calls to Barclays and Visa Verification and two hours - it finally went through, yeah!!! They haven't told me that the dress is unavailable but I did go back and check and it's now out of order in my size - woe is me if is sold out. I guess it's fate that I'm not supposed to have it. Boo!

Time to try and get my achy slobby body in to dresses and shoes and try to look as presentable as I can. This will be my 5th wedding of the year and my first sober one, crikey - sober at a wedding, well I never!!! Surely that is illegal for over 18 year olds?

On the upside, if I'm feeling better tomorrow, the wedding will be ace, alcohol or no alcohol. Plus it's a nice trip to Somerset and a rather posh stately home - oh la la! And on Friday, Bring on the Powerhouse, as I'm seeing Fat Freddy's Drop! Dance Dance Dance Woop Woop!
And then another 50 things to do this Saturday, yeah! 
And if at any point the remnants of this bloody cold catches up with me, I'm going to re-hookup the Lemsip IV. This is the beginning of my December and I'm not going to be too ill to miss it, no way!!! If need be, I'll keep myself to a certain semi-healthy level and be ill in January.