Monday, April 30, 2012

Magazine Envelopes

Recently I had numerous thank you cards to send for my birthday, I had some amazing photos I'd screen grabbed and printed from Magnum Essays, I was originally going to make a suspended room divide from them, but never found the right room. 
Instead I backed them with thick card and made postcards from them (for personal use only, of course) and sent them as my thank you cards. My only issue was that I didn't have any envelopes for them and instead of buying boring white envelopes that are ill fitting, I chose to make my own.

Here's how to make the template and envelope:

Find a card you need an envelope for.

Measure it 3 times height wise. 

Draw around the three, 
add flaps to the middle section,
and a triangular end.
(It's good to measure it with a ruler,
to check it's straight, etc).

Cut out as instructed above,
 I normally use hardboard 

(for this, I simply used paper as a demo).

Find an appropriate magazine image.
High fashion magazines are good due
to the elaborate photo shoots.

Cut the page out, either draw 
around your template and cut, 
or use your template as the guide.

Remember that the image seen on
the front is the middle panel.

Turn over and place your
card in the middle position,
to check everything fits well.

Remove photo.
Fold the bottom flap up,
as so.

Fold the side flaps in.

You might need to cut the
top of the flaps to line up...

Fold the top over.

Unfold and attach double sided
sticky tape on both side flaps
and on the top flap to secure 

the envelope with.

Remove the cover of the tape 
on the side flaps and secure the 
bottom flap to the sides.

Some times, you can incorporate
the top flap to exaggerate
the over all effect, when opened.

Pop your card inside, seal,
add a clearly written label and stamp.
Pop to your nearest Post Box.

And this is how you make free envelopes with a twist and a charming impact!
As you can see above, I even used ones with a body of type, basically, every page in most high glossy magazines can work.