Thursday, August 27, 2009

iPod Reminder

My iPod just reminded me of something:

Thursday, August 06, 2009

More to Love

Not only is the whole concept for this tv show offensive, I understand that the production companies were just reacting to the onslaught of pissed off consumers by trying to include larger sized ladies and gents in this world of showbiz but the general idea for it, is so so wrong. For a start, why segregate the larger sized population? Since when has being larger, made you less attractive? Since when did larger ladies automatically like larger guys or vice versa? Do I need to go on with more points, I'm sure I'm missing the main points but bloody hell, what a horrendous tv show. I mean, why not have a tv show called "bulmic love", where people who cough up their food can find love among each other?

But what is more irritating is that the production company have chosen gorgeous curvy women, not one mildly unattractive woman in the bunch. All of them, generally have stunning slimmer faces and they all have in proportion bodies. They are all beautiful, stunning ladies, who should be proud of their figures and who they are and not be on a show with some chubby chaser, who probably doesn't give a shit about who they are, due to it being a tv show!

I feel like I should rant about how this tv show might reflect to the young malleable minds who watch it but I won't, as I'll be getting off the subject. I am just generally a little bit horrified!

It's not liberating, it's objectifying in such a wrong way but it's ok, as Fox TV has a tv show with some fat people who aren't being made to be automatically funny, or playing the best friend?! So due to them not being in their typical type cast role, it's fresh and interesting, of course!

On another note, I'm totally looking forward to this!

American Apparel

I often see a lot of press about American Apparel's new advert campaigns, and they seem to get worse and worse.

Originally the companies thesis for advertising and catalogue photos were supposed to be real life workers for the company, without make-up in a basic fashion and this I thought was a great thing. Real life people looking like, real life people. Alas when the company got popular (about two or three years ago), the ad campaigns got more professional and more sex based. I get that sex, controversy and shock sells, of course they do but how pathetic do they think the public really is? Personally, I feel a little perverted looking at them.

Following are some clips of recent and old ad campaigns by American Apparel:

I think my biggest issue with the campaigns is that I love American Apparel. I have ever since I first found them. I always recommended them to my friends for cost effective, well made, ethnically reliable basics. I used to describe them to my friends as the Marks and Spencers for a younger generation, then they went all retro, which was fine, as the basics were still great but now with perverse advertising campaigns, it all seems a little shocking on purpose, which makes me not want to like them, which almost seems churlish. But what can you do when a company which once had a brilliant ethics then goes for the cheap shot?