Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Wedding Planning Pt.2

  image courtesy of the internet
image courtesy of the internet
I'm being terribly sensitive today, I know it but I can't help it. I was innocently showing a colleague one of the potential fascinators I'd like my Bridesmaids to wear and it was met with a comment similar to 'are you serious? Surely they'll never wear them, or remove them as soon as possible?'. This comment wasn't meant negatively or rudely, I think they were just highlighting that what I want isn't necessarily what others want. Which of course I understand...however, during my friend's weddings I have worn colours and cuts not suitable for me, been the bestest bridesmaid ever (and also the worst, sorry Gemy). BUT I'm not asking for the moon on a stick, I have said they can wear whatever they want but in a certain colour and yes, I have now changed that colour, but we have six months to the day and I doubt they've bought anything yet, as all the dresses available are summer and I'm having a winter wedding and if they have, I'll feel shitty, but I've been a hoping and a praying that nothing has been purchased as of yet. Oh fuck, what if it has?! I really am a Zilla Bride!
I had been feeling very isolated from some of my bridesmaids, so I've setup a new chat group with a funny "bridezilla" motif (above), so I can chat with them about anything (other than 'Hen Do' related stuff), as I do want their input. I had hoped to go 'faux' wedding dress shopping but it deemed too hard to find a time for all six of us, and get available appointments, so I've scrapped that plan. I may go with a couple of friends another time, for shits and giggles when else will I get to put on ridiculously large dresses with multi petticoats and a corset, and have help in a dressing room from a stranger, ok maybe the latter will happen randomly but definitely not the rest, that's for sure.

Blimey, there are a lot of justifying 'buts' in this post...