Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ridiculous Term

This is possible the most ridiculous term I've ever heard: phalanges-penetration

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Remnants of Lost Love

Stumbled across this website which has a lovely sentiment.

I know for a fact, I've got a couple of artifacts and stories I could send in.

My favourite has to be the axe.

It's Oh So Quiet

Normally when I go quiet on here for a while, it's for a couple of reasons: I've started a relationship with someone and I've no time to brush my teeth, let alone think about writing something, or I'm content! Recently it's been the latter. I had a glitch, I got a little blue and felt rather alone and then I got over it, picked my self up and dusted myself off. Am now so ridiculously happy and content, it's scary. (Other than my little over dramatical outburst related to money last week, that is).

When I'm content I've not the energy to write my rants down, due to being to blissed out. I do rant (don't get me wrong) but it's all verbal, like most of my brain sick. So here are a few rosy sentences about stuff...

My house currently has about two gallons of jelly in it. Chips' girlfriend (The divine Miss Katie) finally called him on his quote of "if someone gave me a vat of jelly, I'd have to put my face in it", well it was his birthday. It took two manly men to carry it in to our house and three weedy girls to struggle it in to my car. It's amazing. Tastes so good and looks incredible. It's just, other than jelly wrestling, what do you do with gallons of jelly with fruit in it?
My job at the party was decorating committee. We borrowed a gazebo from Mr Mole, hooked up fairy lights inside it, placed tea cup candles everywhere and pulled part of the sofa outside to sit in it. It seemed rather popular with the guests. We also changed the photos in our toilet around, so Chips featured in all of them, this made most guests laugh. But did make one guest vom in our sink, which is the littlest sink in the world! Brilliant night all in all though, Chips felt like a king and everyone had fun. We partied for a good 13 hours and drank the entire fridge of booze.

People truly amaze me. On Monday I was sat in rush hour traffic at some lights. We sat there for about 5-10 minutes and I finally decided to go the long way home, I hate sitting in traffic. I got in the other lane and realised that a lady had broken down at the lights and was unable to move, her hazard lights weren't working either. So I did what I'd expect someone to have already done, I pulled over and asked if she needed any help. She said she'd called someone and they'd be there in an hour. So I suggested that we pushed her car on to the kerb, therefore allowing the traffic to flow.
She looked pretty puzzled by this. I explained that if we had a couple other people help us, we could push it while she steered. At which point a nice man, tattooed from head to foot, offered help, as did the man in the car behind her. We succeeded and the traffic continued to flow. I thanked the men and carried on my way. Why oh why it took 10 minutes and me to ask, is beyond me, what if she didn't have a phone or was having some form of medical issue?

I was told the other day that when the next monarch comes in to power, that the head on the coins will change direction. Yet the notes and stamps will stay the same, facing to the left. At which point does the Mint start printing the new coins? Do they keep constantly updated profile cuts of the next monarch on file (I mean, the next monarch is going to be incredible busy around the time of their parents death and their own coronation etc). What happens if the next monarch doesn't want to face left?

The other day I received a package from a friend in LA who works for a material company. She had sent me some cuts of the material I'd asked for. This made my day and week, as it was just after my extremely theatrical outburst.
Simone made my whole week in fact. I've been pondering about what to make with them and I think I've finally decided.
There is this awesome circus material and I originally thought kitchen curtains would be genius but have since decided that a cropped jacket, is the way to go. Am now on the hunt for the perfect pattern. It'll be so so adorable.
Still completely unsure what to make with the rest of them though?
On another note, Simone is Australian but lives in LA and has never heard of, or tasted Salad Cream - I shall rectify this on her next visit to Blighty.

On a similar note of sewing, I used my overlocker yesterday and made adorable English bunting out of numerous pink/flowery materials. I've also ordered some cushion inserts to make some huge cushions. All these things are going towards Nina's birthday party. Which is my next decorating committee project.

Friday, June 05, 2009

My Statement of the Week!

Love is only complicated, when reality is applied!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Road Clearers

I've turned in to one of these people. You know the type of people who stop and get out of their car and move items from the middle of the road - this is me!

I used to only keep this sort of behaviour to the village I grew up in. But now, oh deary me, it's spread. I'm constantly stopping (only if it's safe) to remove items from the road. In the last month, I've moved numerous rolling bins and recycling bins and the other day, I picked up a hitch-hiker!!! ?

He was a car delivery guy and I always see them and they look so sad, just waiting or walking down the side of the road and he was quite old. Picture the scene, I'm on my way to work, it's about 1.30pm. Hit the Oxford ringroad and on a piece of duel carriageway is an old chap holding out a little sign. Needless to say, his actions were dangerous 'full stop' - it's a massive black spot of accidents. So I drive on, thinking, I'm a lone girl in a car, he could be a nutter and then I remembered, I lived in Oxford and bad things don't happen in Oxford. So I left the road at the next exit, looped back on myself and picked him up. He was awfully grateful.

He was from Brum. Had already dropped off one car in Banbury and had hitched all the way to Oxford. He was now headed out East. I was planning on dropping him off at the next roundabout (aptly named "Golden Balls") but when he said he was headed to Wallingford, in typical Country style* I said "oh, that's quite close to where I'm going, I'll drop you off at your destination".
It turned out that his destination was the other side of Wallingford by the Henley turning, up a road I was unable to access and his sat nav wouldn't give an alternative route (why people rely on these things is beyond me, I'm a maps girl all the way). I ended up dropping him off at the end of the no entry road and carrying on to work - 20 minutes late. But I did a good deed which is what counts and hopefully made his life a little easier. Although work seems a little bemused by this excuse.

Then two days later, there is a massive branch in the middle of the road, everyone is going around it, no one can be bothered to get out and move it, so I start to slow down, when i see a girl sprinting down the road. I stop, allowing her to cross and she clears the debris. I was so impressed. Good for her! I only hope the next time I'm moving things, someone thinks "good for her" about me.

*Country style relates to that fact that most of us in the Countryside hear that someone/thing is within 5-10 miles of where we are heading and we see no problems what so ever with just going that little bit further. I guess it's the whole mentality that we're already in the car and everything is at least 2-3 miles away.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Garfield Minus Garfield

Possibly, one of the saddest things I've seen for a long time.
It would almost be worth while to just shoot Jon and put him out of his misery.

For full cartoons without music, etc.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Weekend Papers

I've finally realised what I'm looking for in a partner.

I need someone who reads the weekend papers, so that I can read the supplements. Job done - am believing this shouldn't be too hard, not really. I mean, there are plenty of men out there who actually read the weekend papers, cover to cover or there abouts. I just need to find one who can put up with me and my ways, I'm attracted too and who entertains me.

On second thoughts, this could be harder than I originally thought!