Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sud de France

I have just come back from my first holiday in a very long time and I feel overly relaxed and at peace, omg! Just in time for my tonsillectomy, not so ideal but it is so...

We stayed here on our first night: Les Iles D'Or
It was a beautiful area of the Cote d'Azur, the sea was incredible, so clear and warm. I highly recommend it, there isn't much to do in the area but there was a delicious restaurant with very friendly staff and amazing food with a fabulous view of the cove. The B&B was charming and the landlady was awfully generous. She didn't speak much English and we spoke 'petit francois' but never the less we managed. She also ran us over the mountain to our Campsite the next day, stopping halfway up at numerous times to allow us to take photos of the view.

For the rest of our stay, we were staying with Eurocamp at Camping Pachacaid. We were fitted out with a fabulous 6 berth state of the art caravan, all mod cons and were welcomed by the Eurocamp staff in fabulous style.

After swimming, sleeping and drinking, we headed to the bar where we drank with the Eurocamp staff, after which we were invited to join them for their 'Eurocamp Christmas' on Wednesday night. I won't go too far into it but after celebrating Christmas with the Eurocamp monsters (legends) I've never seen Rowan so drunk! He fell over and couldn't get up, it was all rather funny and entertaining, in addition no long term harm came to him.

The only photos Rowan and I uploaded to the social media world were miserable faced photos, which kept everyone entertained, while we sunned, laughed and drank.

We visited La Mole, which is a small town near to the campsite. Not much there and no one took debit/credit cards, which made life difficult. Luckily the campsite was well equip.

We popped to St. Tropaz also but it stank of piss and had little too it. I recommend a trip to anywhere else than here. However I did take a panoramic shot of Rowan enjoying a beer in the sun there:

We spent the last few nights in Cote d'Azur at the Camping Les Palmiers, this was akin to camping at a nightclub. I wouldn't recommend the site, however the beach was extremely nice and we spent most of our time here. The caravans were cramped and uncomfortable, all in all, it was dire and tired. Everything evolved around the reception, which meant we spent most of our time queueing due to the total lack of organisation or consideration to efficiency. This didn't dampen our spirits though, we'd had a truly lovely holiday and would highly recommend two out of the three places.

We would also recommend the entire area, everyone is so friendly and relaxed. The bus drivers are not in hurries and the bar staff will allow you to finish drinking, instead of trying to kick you out as soon as they want to close.

It was bloody lovely and I can truly see why people would retire to there.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Craig the Hula Boy

At the weekend, while in Wales, Rowan's Brother in law and Sister were telling us about Craig the Hula Boy. I think I've found my new hero!