Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One of my favourite things

Other than eating Wispa' for breakfast and lying in till past midday (which would be classified as a rarity for me now a days) is random events, when you go out for a night with one idea and the night totally turns around.
I had one of these a month ago, I was supposed to be working at the pub, ended up being let off at around half ten, called a mate and met up for a drink, bumped into someone else as the pub was closing, went with them to Drum n Base, met up with other mates there and had the most amazing time ever.

A similar thing happened this weekend and it was very pleasant. It was The Fizz' birthday, the plan was to go to Turnmills in London, so we got on the bus around half nine (listened to 20 year olds sing karaoke all the way there, not only this but they were drinking and dressed as pirates, lol...was rather funny in an irritating/funny way). Arrived in Farringdon, went to the pub to meet people, pub closed one person had turned up, located another bar open till late finally others turned up, drank, partied, 2.30 bar shut, off to Turnmills more drinks, chatting for me, dancing for others. People left, people turned up and I ended up staying in London until Monday morning.

Fucking brilliant weekend and here's to more nights in a similar sense. I love random nights.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Axl stress

I was asked by Axl to write a blog for him...lazy bastard. So I had a think, a long winded think about what topics to write about...and came up with a whole lot of nothing. so i wrote about his office and now, I'm a little scared, is it going to be good enough? Is it going to be what he wanted? Will his audience like it? Golly the stress is to much, so for now I'm going to crawl in to a small hole and try to not think about it, easier said then done, of course.

To read my blog for Axl or generally quite funny stuff Click Here. Hopefully I'll be Guest Blogger 8.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Hard times

My day today consisted of meeting both David Byrne and Adam Buxton and looking at a good looking, hairy faced American - god damn, I find work so hard sometimes.

Although like I was saying earlier, the famous and talented really are wasted on me, I just don't get it?! I remember sitting back stage at a gig once with Jimmy Page, Dave Grohl and Roger Taylor and I was far more interested in looking at Taylor from the Foo's - he's so pretty. I believe I was dismissed by the boyfriend at the time for having no idea. Well I'm sorry but they are just talented people, we all meet talented people (doctors, architects, writers, etc) daily but we never praise them, so why praise someone who's appeared in a magazine once, twice, 50,000 times?! After all, they are just people too. Leave them to their quiet lives, simple.

Gloating over and out!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bugger bugger bugger, did i say bugger?

Why is it when all you want is for someone to call you back, the last thing they do is that?
How come when you're in a hurry, some cunt drives as slowly as possible in front of you?
How come when you plan a quiet night in, its the same night one of your friends has a major crisis, therefore leaving you unable to have your night off?
How come when it's quiet at the bar i work at, it's also the one night when some boring prick sits at the end of my bar and decides they want chatter?
How come no one will ever take responsibility for others behaviour or property?
How come when your brain is about to explode, some arsehole continues to ask questions, even though you've no more space to fit anything else in your head?
and why the fuck, regardless of which phone network you use, do they kidnap text and answerphone messages for days on end, yeah cheers for that?!
And most of all, how come the one night you really need sleep, you can't do so?!

As you can tell, I'm in a foul mood...all of these fucking things above have happened to me this week. Why everyone won't just leave me alone for a day or night, why i'm unable to be allowed to just be, instead of having to be something is beyond me...but one thing i know is that i'm fed up with it.

Rant over!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sleepless in Oxford

I couldn't sleep for shit last night, yesterday I realised I needed to get some things sorted on my car, so set about an early night due to feeling like pap due to my cold and things weighing heavy on my mind. 11pm up in bed with lights out, I was expecting an update from the policemen who was dealing with my case and he's working nights, so I left a message saying I'd be awake until midnight - so didn't feel as though I could properly sleep until gone midnight.
I spent the next hour tossing and turning, finally falling asleep. 2 hours later I was wide awake, tossing and turning again for half an hour. Then off to sleep again but waking every time I turned over. Finally off to sleep, deep enough to dream but after I had my bag stolen in my dream, that was me awake again. 6.30am, as most of you will know, I don't do mornings, if i can help myself but after my dream, I had little option of going to sleep, so decided to get up and get my car sorted - 8am I arrived at the garage to see shock all over my mechanics face to why I was there and so early. He even stated, I thought you didn't do mornings, my response, it's amazing what fretting can cause.

So, I am now sat at my parents writing this and considering to do some cleaning to help, as my ma has been very busy and also away with work.
That's it, fingers crossed it'll pass the issues it was experiencing and I'll be able to stop fretting.

I know for a fact now that my whole week is going to be lopsided and buggered due to getting up early...Grr!