Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Not recommended

I cooked peas in the microwave at work today, it's not recommended.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bliming cameo's

So I finally went to see Hot Fuzz yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed it and liked it a lot more than Shawn of the Dead (please keep your comments and views to yourselves, lol). I haven't laughed like that for ages, so really enjoyed it.
I loved the cameos from so many well known actors and comedians but most of the way through the film, I couldn't suss out why I knew who Blower and Wainwright were, it irritated me for ages and finally, thanks to the wonders of the web...Frank Bloody Gallagher, damn him! And only bloody Dead Man's Shoes star Paddy Considine, god the internet is a wonderful place!
Yeah, I'd recommend it to everyone.

As for Babel, it's another film (after Se7en, Fight Club, Twelve Monkeys, need I go on?!) where Brad Pitt decides he has to prove he can act "for christ's sake, we know this already, get over it!". So yeah, it's ok, really long, a bit shit and pointless...although the portrayl with the Japanese deaf mute girl has an interesting part with the night club, which is actually quite intense but the rest of it is dull. The only thing that kept me going were the occasional clips of Gael Garcia Bernel, god bless his pretty face and soul. Don't bother, unless you've time to waste.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What does the Internet smell like?

I was having a charming chat with Lukas through the power of emails and I brought up an interesting question: What does the Internet smell like? I assume it smells like sweat, hot wires and sperm...but there must be more to it than that. If the internet existed in the sense that space does...surely there must be a scent. I imagine that space smells too, like charcoal maybe?...but I'm sure that a scientist would tell me otherwise and then give me a three hour lecture on why there can't be any scent, or whatever.
If the internet does smell as I assume, would it be just sperm or would it be more female juices too, or just the basic smell of sex? As sex is generally an act between two people and yet a lot of what happens online is between one person and a camera/computer.
If anyone has any ideas, let me know?!

On a lighter note, I've started a blog about my experiences of no myspace (proper addict style of replacing one addiction with another), it'll be like the Big Brother updates (as suggested by Dale or Carl, well they suggested it for their's but I'm stealing it)...although probably a lot less witty and without the northern accent, I would try but anyone whose heard my attempts at accents will know why I'm avoiding this matter.

I watched The Science of Sleep last night and it was brilliant, very beautiful and rather funny. Gosh, I love beautiful arty films which make you think or just look at life in a different sense. I recommend it, to those of you who like artsy films, and to those of you who don't like artsy films or the occasional subtitles - avoid!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Strange going ons.

The toilet at work smells like cat wee and I can't get enough Peppermint tea at the mo, I'm not sure why this is but I love the fact that the box claims it to be 100% Peppermint leaves and no caffeine. And it smells like mint and makes me crave roast lamb, oh roast lamb how I love thee.

Other than that nothing to report, oh I'm giving up Myspace for lent, decided if I'm going to be a good Catholic girl?! That I should give up something worth while and at least I can start my exploration of better things online...there must be something else to occupy my time, so I don't miss it.
I have also changed my comments to be approved only, so I can't cheat and see what people are writing, when I commit, I commit properly.

Stranger Than Fiction is a pretty good film. And I can't wait to see The Science of Sleep tonight, CAN NOT WAIT!

The season of Lent.

40 days of sacrificing something your so used to, it's like the blood in your system. Giving up something that is a painful experience, something that means a lot and something that represents your willing to show your commitment to life, or your religion, whichever way you want to look at it?!
Every year my father asks the following question Philippa what are you giving up for Lent? and every year I give him the same answer, the same answer I give when people ask about my New Year Resolutions and my birthday wishes - Nothing!
But this year represented a change in me, I have two New Years Resolutions (stop biting my nail and to sort out my finances, so by 2008, I've some savings and no overdraft) and I'm also going to give up something for lent but what to give up is the ultimate question. Plus it's right over my birthday, so I don't want to give up alcohol or something that I may rely on for my birthday celebrations but I want it to count and make me think about life.
I've spoken with my housemates about it. Lollipop suggested all fizzy drinks but that would include Soda water, which is a hell no! I could give up just Coca-Cola but since my last stint of not eating due to anxiety, I've hardly drunk any and Diet Coca-Cola is such a momentary thing that it wouldn't even register on my scale.
Swearing was suggested but I'd break that immediately, I've tried for my mother's sake to stop swearing before but it never lasts. She then suggested that I just gave up the C word (Cunt to you and I) but it's my substitute swear word and having to wait 40 days to call someone it, would kill me, especially when no other word will do (only other passionate swearers will truly appreciate the poetry in that statement, I know Lukas will for sure).
Cleaning was suggested but it wouldn't last long and would probably cause me to be commited under the mental health act and as lovely as Littlemore appears, I like viewing it from the outside.
I could try to give up Bitching but my life would become so black and white and I'd end up crying myself to sleep, as I'd be curving my natural instinct to say what everyone else is thinking.
There's no point in giving up crisps, Jaffa Cakes or chocolate, as since going back to work after Christmas, I've hardly eaten any.
I could give up shopping or pub trips but I've not done any of these things recently due to lack of funds.
Giving up things such as Family Guy, streaming America TV online or Myspace, would cause my days at work to be so unbearable, I'd cry cry cry and not in a 'I wear my emotional heart on my shoulder and cry at everything' sense, more a I'm loosing the will to live, oh dear god be done with me immediately and put everyone else out of their misery, by doing away with me.

So I'm left with the final question of what to give up and I've only one day to make my mind up.

I could try Myspace and at least everyone would be able to see if I've cheated or not. But I'm lost, damn it, trying to please my father for the first time in ages in relation to the faith I was raised as, is so hard!

Friday, February 09, 2007

It feels like ages, since I felt like this...

On a day where Anna Nicole Smith has died for currently unknown reasons, Axl claims not to find the appeal of porn appertising and my fortnight finally looks like it's going to take a turn for the better, finally.
I today have found myself watching two films while sat at my desk. The first being "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer", now I got excited about this when I saw the trailer and I wasn't disappointed (except for the lack of attempt at accents, bloody American audiences), although I haven't read the book and when I told Julie from the office what I was watching, she observed that he wasn't unattractive enough and then continued with her comments. although little do you all know, that I'm refusing to ever read the book before watching the film, as I'm always so dissapointed with the film and I hate being disappointed by films, as I adore them. If the book takes my fancy, then I may carry on with a book but I'm not a big reader, in fact it's more I don't find much time to read, I'm always on the go with creating, sewing, cooking, baking or something else.
The second film I observed was "A Night at the Museum", it was rather good. It had a brilliant cast and I did enjoy it, it was nice to just be able to switch off and not think about what's going on and as always the typical Disney ending was installed, which is nice.

I've had an odd week, with interesting revelations, horrendous hangovers, sales offers for my creations, home truths, dinner parties, calls from abroad, forced holidays from friends who need to be alone to deal with their past, tears and upsets, mega make-up, burnt mouths from Ratatouille, trips away from Oxford, an amazing gig and a crap gig and finally, Karma coming to serve up some just deserts, which is always pleasant to observe, especially when I've been on the receiving end of these certain people's actions. I wish all the best to those who are being bitten by Karma but don't turn to me anymore, as this door mat has walked away.

For once and the first time in a while, I'm thinking about me and not how my actions effect others and it feels alright. I'm not sure how long I'll wear this jacket for, as it's not really my thing but for now, it's a cosy fit but I think I'll keep the training wheels on for a while, just in case.