Sunday, June 01, 2008

Back to me, with the old way...

Randomly, I'm slowly becoming less private than I was, which is kind of scary. I've spent the last year of my life, being very private and over the last two months I've slowly become the old me (who wasn't a bad model) and am glad for it. I'm not so guarded or sheltered. 
Hence some drunken blogging, nothing like it!

Have spent the day with Viktorious. Awoke, called the wonderous being, showered, dressed, joined her for some shopping delight, obviously her shopping delight, we all know my current financial plans. We pottered, we ate Mexican for lunch (was about the size of a small baby), shopped some more, drank a jug of Pimms, tried on some of the most horrendous dresses Debenhams had to offer (truly awful), some drinks in Copa (Wig & Pen to the old Oxford lot) at which while walking up some stairs, I stumbled, threw my pint and her wine up, caught most of my pint and lost most of her wine, stabilised myself, curtsied, thanked everyone for watching my trick and carried on my way. Watched Sex and the City the movie (just what I wanted, tears, laughther, shit in the pants fun, Nina joined us for it - yeah!), Sushi and then some more beer fun and banter!!! - fan-fucking-tastic night!!!!!!!!!! - extra !!!!! for the fucking hell of it!

Am now drinking fizzy wine and watching Grease 2, trying not to sing along, like Chips and I did last week - all  the while wearing awesome emo alice bands from Harrods (Primark), "Reproduction, baby give it to me now, Reproduction, is that all you think about", yeah you know the words, sing along!!!

God I love life and my friends for being exactly who they are! x x x

Here's Nina for some random crap in the pant hell of it - 
so as pippa mentioned we're watching grease 2 (first time for me) and i'm slightly bemused by the a) extreme 80s take on a supposedly 60s soundtrack and b) how the hell frenchie has a voice naturally that sounds like shes been inhaling helium all her life and just now c) pippa singing in my face using a bubbly bottle as a microphone and interpretive dance moves- it's impressive...
i seem to have develop a sign recently that states 'i'm single and want very weirdo in the place to speak to me'..i suppose it could be entertaining to a point except that i seem to have also developed and instinctive 'fuck off' response followed swiftly by an apology for being so arsey. to be honest i just need to kill the apology's mildly amusing to be able to tell people what you actually think of them. ok very amusing...i'm sure i'll grow up soon but in the meantime :o)
anyways, i shall leave the entertaining  to pippa..i seem to be better at insulting people at present..oh, but for the record i highly recommend sex and the city... i was surprised and impressed at how much of it rang true to life.....

Let's do it for our country, the red white and the blue - maybe that's just me, willing to do it. Ok maybe not, but with the charm, banter, cheesy lines and usual bullshit, I love it all! Although if someone did start singing this song to me, I'm not sure if I'd call my gay mate or shag them - who knows, let's try it and find out, preferably with the guy I fancy but I doubt he even knows this film, he's way too COOL - god damn it!

Am really enjoying our house currently, it's in the exact clean state I left it in, no broken glasses, drunken alcohol, eaten food or mess. I'm not really one of those people who actively misses people. If I remember them, there is a part of me who wishes for a minute with them but in every day life, it's just not part of who I am. While in Kiwiland, I missed a couple of my best mates, because I desired to be the real me, not the polite well brought up me but I didn't long for anyone in particular. But there is a hole in our home and it's filled by our version of the Vengaboys - party all hours of the day, leaving mess, chatting usual drugged filled party crap and kebab wrappers fuckers - bless their little fun having hearts. It wouldn't be as fab without them and it really isn't! They'll be back on Tuesday night and I'll probably hate it, loads of drying laundry, rotten food and stories.