Thursday, June 02, 2016

Sleep Walking

I woke up this morning complaining to Ro about his waking me up last night and how it wasn’t fair as I was unable to get back to sleep, and this isn’t unheard of, as he does have nightmares and vivid dreams and wakes up with a start. However, this time he refuted the claim and told me that I had woken him by talking about security and then insisting on checking on the front door, which is such a creepy thought. Especially, as I thought I hadn’t slept walked in years, except once while drunk which Ro likes to remind me of a lot, especially as I tried to have a wee in the living room during that experience, and then stripped off and got into bed, regardless of our guests at the time.
Anyway, there I am freaked out and confused and disbelieving in Rowan’s story to walk to the top of the stairs and find the front door double locked. Bugger! He was right!
As creepy as it is, I’d rather be right…now I’m doubly creeped out!