Thursday, February 26, 2009

Depression Cooking

I'm loving this lady, she's so adorable, with her basic cooking and little stories:

Although I don't fancy Egg Drop Soup much!
Doesn't 'Depression Cooking', sound like a bad pressure cooker? I wonder if you could cook food with depression or if in fact, the food wouldn't cook due to not feeling like it.

If you are currently watching Lost, then don't read the last paragraph of this entry!!!

Recently I did some of the family tree with the Queen. She remembers so much!!! Although I'm now trying to trace the relatives on the census online and it's a pain in the arse. Most of the time, the websites won't locate them. I've found the Queen's grandmother and that's it. The most annoying thing is that the last 3 sets of census: 1891, 1901 and 1911 are all on different websites, so you can't just click on the links and go back to the last census. It's called making life as hard as possible.

I get to see my one of my bestest friends this weekend, I can't wait! I'm also hoping to see some of the fantastic exhibitions on at the moment in London.
Van Dyck is at Tate Britain.
The National Portrait has some awesome stuff on.
Picasso at The National Gallery.
Don't fancy much on at The Tate Modern.
Saatchi's got some good shit on too.

Also need to find somewhere to eat dinner. Having a date with a best friend - what more could one want?!

Was chatting with an American chap yesterday and he's been in the UK for a week and hadn't tried Fish and Chips or Cadbury's chocolate?! Can you believe it?! I couldn't. Shocking behaviour!!! I changed this situation stat! I asked him what sort of chocolate he liked and recommended a Caramel. I got him to buy the Galaxy version too, as he needs to be able to compare. I mean, he might be a smooth chocolate fan, rather than a milk.

The Lost line below -
Locke is alive!!! Yeah!!! I love him so so much!!! Can't wait for Season 5 to get truly under way. Hurley's reaction is the best so far. I love love love love Lost so much. I'm not up for giving up for it, not at all. I've committed for so long and just think it's so great. On Seasons 3 and 4 I spent the end of each episode screaming and feeling as though a week was a month and I wouldn't make it, not at all...oh Lost, part of my heart will always belong to you!
Plus, isn't it strange that Locke can still walk, even though he's back in the real world? I thought everything was supposed to revert back to how it was before?!
And Whitmore vs Linus - loving this too!!! Loving it much!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drivel Dribble Treble

Why do Diet drinks always have that light chalky taste going on?

Listened to the new Doves album the other day and although some of their songs are kind of pretty. I don't get it, they just seem so bland.

I'm so glad that finally, Bonnie Swanson (Family Guy) has had the baby. What is that 8 years ago? Brian cracks a great joke about her being 10 already...genius!

Last night at work I was asked by an American if he could ask me some questions. I said '10 Questions'? Why not.
So he asked some boring ones and some even more rubbish ones and his final question was "Do you realise how loud you are?", he said he meant it with no offence - like I'd take any. Although my colleague and a regular did do so, on my behalf, although I told them it wasn't an issue.
I told him that yes I did but there was a perfectly good reason, "When you're raised in a house, with two older brothers and parents who both have large personalities - you also have to be loud, to get noticed!" Let's be fair, I've got the personality of a fat drunk American bird at a party but in the body of a slim English bird.

Have you seen anything about the Duggar Family? They are an American Evangelical family who have 18 children. They believe every child is a gift from god. Fair enough, they can believe what they like, although I think it's a little too easy to believe that, therefore not having to take responsibility for their actions, etc. Plus at least they pay for their own children and don't expect the country to pay for their upbringing.
Although I can't help that think her womb has seen more people, than a lift in a Vertigo Clinic.

You must be having a laugh? What will they think of next?

Do it in your own Country, keep it out of ours. If we have an issue about it, we'll deal with it. Oooo, let the wrath rain down!!!

I've started watching Arrested Development from the start - golly it makes me laugh so so much!!! If you haven't invested time to watch it, do it!!!

Plus I am loving this: The New Macbook

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not sure if I've mentioned this before...

...but my favourite musical and favourite Disney film have the same theme, I'm not sure if it means anything? Or if it's just a massive coincidence.
My favourite musical is Phantom of the Opera and my favourite Disney film is, yep you've guessed it, Beauty and the Beast.
Now I've probably mentioned them before, god I've been writing shit on this thing for long enough, I will probably do what Septic Peg does and start re-using old entries for new ones, god knows they've died some what, compared to two years ago.

Not sure if the fact that my two favourite sing-a-long films both feature hideous looking, misunderstood men with mass infatuation, means anything? Not sure if the girls being independent but also reliant on men, means anything? Not sure if their being pursued by swash buckling heroes, means anything either but it is pretty weird?!

I recently finished reading Carrie Fisher's auto-biography Wishful Drinking. It is brilliant!!! It's like you've gone for a cup of coffee with her and she's telling you it all over a nice bit of Carrot Cake. She has such a lovely writing style. She's not just Princess Leia or some famous people's kid (and it really threw me that her mum is the lady who plays Mrs Adler in Will & Grace), she's also generally fabulous and very frankly entertaining in a very humble way. Read it, you won't be disappointed.

I've finally got round to making the cushion covers I've been meaning to make for our sitting room. By the time we've moved out, our house will be perfect and just how I always wanted it to be. Just need to put some curtains in the kitchen and maybe, just maybe..
The tiler/plumber/fix-it man finally finished our toilet and downstairs shower, only a month in the doing. It's so odd to have our hallway back to being ours, rather than a worksite. And our downstairs toilet is even more of a desirable place to be. Unlike the public toilet it was when we first moved in. Our little ramshackled house is becoming even more of a home.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Here here

I agree with Axl, it is a funny and random video:

Axl's blog

Look down at his feet...pssss!

Who needs Bob, when you've got Pipsywoo

Two reasons that I'm excited about cinema going in 2009!

Star Trek - The Movie Trailer

OK, I'll admit it. I'm a bit of a geek. I like to know how things work. I love CGI. I love hearing about new software and hardware. I love gadgets (more than I can express but only useful ones) and I love HTML coding. But I think there is nothing more satisfying than taking something broken and fixing it. Whether that be a broken figurine, electoral equipment, etc.
Recently I was printing out some photos for our Hall of Fame (an artistic feature at my house aka total humiliation of myself and housemates) and my photo printer broke and wouldn't reset. There is also no over ride button, which is annoying. It was buggered!

So what does a normal human being do? They'd probably either send it off to the manufactors, take it back to the shop (although mine is about 4-5 years old now), but I don't think they'd take it apart. Alas, I did. I've done it before, when the cartridge jammed, so why not now.
Jewellery screw drivers out -
5 minutes in: I was in to the main motor and mother board.
10 minutes: I'd located the cartridge cogs.
15 minutes: I'd manually reset the cartridge drive.
25 minutes: Printer fixed and back together with no bits left over. Not even a random washer (where do they come from?).
27 minutes: Have I really fixed it?
29 minutes: Yes, yes I have! Job done!
If I'd sent it off, it would have been a 3-4 week, £100+ job!

I get this obsession with taking things apart and fixing them, from my dad. As I kid, I was always called to assist my dad in his projects. Mainly because I had a steady hand and small wrists, I won't go in to how many times I tighten screws or bolts up in car engines. My dad was a handyman in his own right, I don't ever remember seeing a plumber, electrician or builder at our house as a kid (if things needed doing, he did it. No matter what it was). Nowadays you have to get someone in, due to regulations but back when lead paint was the norm, hell no!

But there is a major satisfaction in seeing something back to it's former glory from deaths door. The kind of satisfaction you can't get from anything else. I think that if I knew all of the terminology and names of everything, I'd be discovered as a geek but not knowing it all, means I can hide it behind make up and high heels.

And yes I am a little OCD about things too but that's for another time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do you come from the country?

While driving to work this morning, some little arsey boy-racer punk decided to cut me up, I then ended up over taking him and after a roundabout, he decided to come shooting up my arse and sat on my tail for ages and then finally shot off. At which point I really wanted to be an undercover policeman and pull him over, little shit and his bad driving.

Isn't it odd how one song on the radio can make everything seem better. I was in a rather nonchalant mood this morning and then selected one of my favourite happy songs and wham bam, there I was the happiest person in the world. I love how something so simple can make life seem so much better. This happens quite a lot and I love it when it happens.

There is still loads of snow in Boars Hill - it's so cool. Although I nearly fell flat on my face on my colleague's driveway.

My friends are going traveling in April, which is ace! They'll have such a great time. But their leaving do is a fancy dress do with the theme: Countries. Some people are attending as C*nt Trees, a friend as a Dutch girl and someone is going all in white and being Colombia. I was thinking maybe I could go as Istanbul (by wearing bowls on my feet) but I've been informed Istanbul is a city, not a country - damn my geographical knowledge.
So maybe, wearing one arm as a crane and a U on my other hand = Ukraine.
Wear a green cape = Cape Verde.
Wait around in a Q = Kuwait.
I'll think of something, hopefully it'll be cheap but effective. I might go as a Country gent?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh the Irony

While popping out for some lunch earlier, I came across a young lady wearing a pair of wellies.
The wellies had a slogan on them (foolish girl). The slogan read "I wish my boyfriend was as dirty as these boots".

I had to take a photo, just to prove I wasn't making it up.
Oh the irony? The boots were brand new and sparkling clean.
I really wanted to approach her and say "so you want him clean and made of rubber" but thought better of it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Irish know how to party

I've had a weekend of drinking. I think my liver finally gave up yesterday, when it took me over an hour to drink a pint of shandy.
Friday consists of the day off, due to not being able to move my car, well in fact that's wrong, I did move it 10 foot. Apparently you can't with a Nissan! So after not going to work, I mulled around home doing stuff and then set off early for work at the pub with Ginge and a little pub crawl in tow.
2 pints, some very slow walking and occasional slipping (wellies are water proof but not necessarily grand for grip), good chat and 2 hours later, we arrived at work. Ginge started work and I sat in the garden with some regulars drinking. We had some fun.

Later that evening there was another regular sitting in the garden with a female friend. On my way to the cellar, I was asked what I looked for in a man. I stated the simple 3 piece list: to feel wanted but not over crowded and to be made to laugh. Basically I'm looking for my equal, I don't need a man, I'd like one though. I've found this scares most men. They like to be needed. Most say they don't but they love having someone who constantly needs them and makes them feel wanted. Anyway, I'm running away from the point of this. This girl was upset that all she seems to do is meet losers or guys who screw her over and went on and on about it for about 4 hours (but that's for another time when I want a good rant. Her poor mate.). I told her to get on with being herself and that eventually she'd meet the perfect someone. She said she'd done that for long enough and was fed up, fair enough.

Later that evening I found out she was 21. I wish I hadn't even bothered to try and talk sense to her...silly girl. There I was thinking she was an adult, who had an idea about life and alas not at all...

Saturday consisted of celebrating Hazel's birthday, awesome night all in all.
But Sunday, well..I worked the Rugby, golly the Scottish team are way more attractive than the Welsh, not sure if it's the kits or if it's just fact?

Then Chips and I decided to dine out. Nina joined us for Red Star, Tsingtao were drunk. Then off to the Busty where beers, shots and gin & bollocks were drunk, then home to The Duke for some nightcap drinks, or so we thought. At 1.30am we found ourselves entering the Half Moon. I highly recommend The Half Moon on a Sunday night, you either have to have been drinking in there all night or know someone but basically, they have a little soiree with Celtic singers and fiddlers and is a great night all in all. I even drank Guinness. Too much fun was had and it was my third bedtime after the hour of 4am.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

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