Friday, June 25, 2010

Disney Tales

This article, has many a good point. But then again, I'm the girl who didn't remember the Nazi's in 'The Sound of Music', as it preferred it ending straight after they'd gotten married...

I love...I love...I love...

I love Majestic Wines! I always have and I do utterly, over the top and completely, now. Not only do they always have deals on but you can now mix and match your purchases, instead of 6 of one. Plus, they've got the greatest selection of Kiwi wines and they always carry your orders to your car. They are always overly friendly and helpful and last night, they offered me the chance to taste some, I chose not too, as once I start...I love Majestic Wines! It just makes sense to buy in bulk, that way there is always some around and it's much more cheaper!
I also love Jessop's camera insurance. Ever since I bought my first digital camera with them, I've purchased the £26 for 3 years cover insurance and it's served me well, from the beginning to now! I've had about 3 cameras now and they've all got damaged somehow and every time, they've either been fixed for free or I've been compensated with vouchers for the value of the camera. My indestructible camera broke, I know, nothing is indestructible! Off it went and 3 weeks later, it's back, fixed with a new outer casing on it. That's not why I sent it off but they changed it anyhow. It's just bloody brilliant.

Abingdon (on Thames) has at least 13 hair dressers in the centre of town alone! That doesn't count the ones on the outskirts, neighbouring villages and mobile/home hairdressers. There really aren't that many heads to cut, regardless of the fact that in 2001 there was a population of 36,000. Basically, although most of Abingdon centre and the older parts of the town are extremely pretty, the shopping precinct is just charity shops, coffee shops and hairdressers! Welcome to 21st century towns!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


June has been so so busy, I knew it was going to be hectic but the weeks have flown by and I'm unable to finish tasks I started:
My friend and her daughters birthday presents, which need sewing.
A scarf I started to knit.
A blanket I started to crochet.
The planting of flowers in the front garden.
The printing of photos for the wall of fame.
The smock dress I wanted to make.
A top I've been meaning to finish for my friend for about 4 years.
Some hemming that is required.
And the mural for the birthday upstairs.

And now all I want to do is make a pair of these!!! I've never felted anything ever, this is very new and very exciting!

I did however this month go to Paris and Newcastle!

It was very enjoyable and lovely. I got to meet a very good friend of Tom's, James. He, his girlfriend and their housemates were far too hospitable. Tom's been to Paris loads of times and I'd never been, but he did well at showing me the sights and keeping me entertained. We didn't bother going in to any of the museums, as the queues were huge and we only had a couple of days. It's only 2 hours away, I can back to see it all in more detail.

Newcastle was amazing, although I hardly saw any of the city. I saw the train station and the metro line, both were charming. And am looking forward to going back soon. I also want to go to Durham, it looks beautiful! I mainly saw some charming villages in Northumberland, for the wedding I was attending. The sun coming out made all of the photos on the beach even more striking.