Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hey Duggee

Watching kids TV can be mind-numbing, which is why when you discover a TV show that is funny, easy to watch and doesn't make you want to punch yourself silly, you are surprised and overly impressed...and this is how I feel about 'Hey Duggee'.

The animation is simple and colourful. The stories funny. The episodes are short. The songs are catchy and they feature cultural references far I've seen 'Apocalypse Now', 'Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou', 'Robinson Crusoe' and Monty Python to name a few.

If you look online, you'll find many mentions of it and most of my parent friends all reference it as one of the better Children's TV shows out there. I doth my cap to you Grant Orchard and Co you've made something timeless and entertaining for all.

Sunday, May 06, 2018

The website is dead

I tried for two years to have a website. I planned to sell my wares, to write and write and write, however having a baby, going back to work, moving to Wales, changing roles at work, all went to pot! I think I wrote about three posts during 2017 and most of those were weeks after the events, just like now.

Bearing in mind we are buying a house, Ro and I decided we'd save the £25 I was spending a month on my two websites and I'd return to blogger - faithful, free blogger, so here I am. I've cut and paste all of the posts I wrote during my sabbatical and am now back!!!

We decided in September that we would officially move to Wales come March 2018, our lease was up for renewal and we wanted PB to grow up in the countryside. Ro was going to wait until February / March to close the business, however it worked out that they found new tenants for the studio in Peckham to take over in December, so it made sense to close the business come November / December 2017 and set himself up as a freelancer in the mean time; this period was very stressful  but we got through it, some how.

2018 seems to have flown by due to various things, although now I'm listing them they appear minimal...
We went to Scotland at the end of January for a week (I'll write about it in a separate post, as it was magical).
And Ro packed our entire life up and we moved house, we used Anyvan and two nice Lithuanian guys came and loaded us up in the space of 3 hours. It was a good price, we had a £100 levy due to a list of additional items we'd forgotten about, but £750 to get 75 sq. ft. of stuff to Wales from London in one day seemed pretty ship shape!

We are staying with Ro's mum while we find somewhere to buy. We originally were looking around Bridgend, but since staying nearer to Swansea we have decided to stay put, it's not ideal work wise but we way of life is nicer and we can afford more, and we'll be closer to friends and family.

Ro doesn't want to set up business just yet, especially if he has to move it once we buy which is fine, he  he is enjoying taking everything at a slower pace, spending time with PB, doing odd jobs and just enjoying life - although he stabbed himself with a rusty Stanley knife today while gardening, two stitches later and he's fine.