Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Strangest Day (a music diary)...

Today has been a crazy day. I awoke after a night of meeting a lot of people who I've heard about for a year. It was a really charming evening and the people who work with Tom are lovely, truly great people.

This morning, I awoke after a random drunk dream where I was 5 hours later for my plans today, a standard drunk dream, if my records stand true.
I eventually got up, after some re runs of Supermarket Sweep, showered and departed to head towards the South of Wimbledon...

I ended up stuck between Colliers Wood and South Wimbledon for about 20 which point I was thinking of this song:

Mary J Blige 'Going Down'

Eventually, I met up with the ladies, we did tea, and then headed towards the bridal shop, for Hammers to try 1000 dresses on, at which point I was sensing this:

OMC ' How Bizarre'

And also this:

Charlie Rich 'The Most Beautiful Girl'

We found the one with jubilance, at which point we ended up in Wimbledon feeling like this:

Polyphonic Spree 'It's the Sun'

After some free cocktails and a platter of food, we headed to the home of Brian, at which point I tried to be mega cool and hip, so not to upset Brian, as he's mega awesome. FYI ---> This is Brian, he's pretty cool!

So I played this:

Calvin Harris & Rihanna 'We found love'

Then Vik's mentioned this and my life was changed:

PSY 'Gangham Style'

and Hammers made me watch this:

Sam and the Womp 'Bom Bom'

and all of a sudden I realised I was hanging out with Europop freaks and desperately craved East London indifference...

at which point I changed the settings of "the bar" and played this:

Wicked ' Defying Gravity'

We then had a musical moments, where I basically played the Phantom of the Opera from beginning to end, obviously singing along all the while...then came round and realised it isn't the 80s anymore, sad times.

So I ended the night singing along to this on my bus home:

Carly Simon ' Jesse'

and this:

Celine Dion ' It's all coming back to me'

and this (I had an epic 45 minute bus ride to fill, these are the girly highlights):

Meatloaf 'you took the words right out of my mouth'

Basically, it's been a fantastic day!!!
And I tried to get everyone to watch Queen live at Wembley, 1986, but they weren't game - sad times!

But most importantly, I tried to educate Hammers tonight, by leaving her with this album, and especially this song:

The Kinks 'Strangers'

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have an issue with pigeons feet. No, I'm not sat in a restaurant staring at a menu full of them, I'm talking about those infamous flying rats, the very much alive ones.

Every morning I walk through Grosvenor Square which is full of them, now I'm not talking Trafalgar Sq in Mary Poppins, I'm talking modern day pigeon masses. And every morning I can't help but stare at every pigeons feet, it's just the gammy feet that make me sad, they make me want to stamp on their heads and put them out of their misery and I'm not sure why, as it's just a little impractical not life destroying, especially as I'm talking about pigeons who mainly rely on their wings, although some of the ones I've seen recently are possibly too fat to fly?!

I guess my issue is made worse by the colour and texture of their feet, I don't know! I know I'm being stupid but I can't really help feeling the need to stamp on the heads of pigeons with manky feet.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Wedding Decoration

Friends of ours got married recently and they asked for my decorative input. Over numerous nights I made 90 metres of bunting, mainly from remnants in my material basket, the bride came and joined me for some of these sessions, supplying wine and snacks to keep us fuelled.
The day before the wedding, we wrapped cleaned jars with raffia bows, made makeshift brackets from garden wire and hung them in trees with tealights.

Made numerous tissue paper peonies of various sizes and colours, and hung long thin streamers from a leafy tree, we tied numerous strings together and loosely looped them around the branches, so anyone removing them could cut them easily.

It was a lot of fun and looked great all day and night, even after a lot of wind and rain. If I could change one or two things, I'd have made the streamers much longer, they should look as though they are far too long, trailing on the floor even, that way, they blow in the wind at a height, instead of blowing up in to the tree. We live and learn.