Friday, May 11, 2007

The New Age of Peppers

While innocently shopping around Sainsbury's the other night, I stopped by some of my favourite vegetables, the peppers - they are so marvellous, well all except the green ones, poor bastards, they have got the rough end of the stick but they don't taste as yummy as the others colours.
The red ones are crisp, the orange ones juicy and the yellow ones fresh and juicy - yummy! You can prep them in so many different ways and they go with most things.
So, while pondering on which colour would look best in my Chilli Con Carne, I noticed two boxes at the back of the regular choices...One full of purple peppers and the other full of brown peppers - What the ?!
I was flabbergasted, who? What? Why? Why would you do that to a pepper?
The purple one was a really nice colour but I can't imagine that the flavours are particularly nice...I was to scared to buy them but I photographed them instead.
I bet anything that they'll produce Organic Purple and Brown Peppers next, it'll be slightly ironic if they do.



degs said...

I feel compelled to defend my friend the green pepper. Its true they have a bitter flavour in comparison with the primary colour peppers. But they're great in loads of yummy food like beef n black bean sauce. Mmmmmmm.

If you think about it and the colour of a pepper was achieved by breeding other colour peppers then green ones would be made by mixing a yellow pepper with a blue pepper. But it doesn't happen like that. Still the ledgend of a blue pepper provides an explaination for that freakish purple one.

Pipsywoo said...

God damn, you mean they didn't get a Daddy yellow pepper to sleep with a Mummy Red pepper to create the orange pepper?
As I just assumed that to create the brown pepper, they had a mass pepper orgy...

Lunched Luke said...

Green peppers are my favourite...honestly. I know I would usually say it anyway just to be difficult but they actually are.

P.S. Chillies have been planted - no shoots yet, but will keep you updated. In the meantime you can always check chilli-cam.