Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Morons were placed here to annoy/entertain us all...

So, this week has been a week of constantly telling people that these people aren't available, and a whole lot of yes no three bags full syndrome.

I have sent quite a few emails, apologising to people (who want to borrow the people I work for) as these people are unavailable due to heavy work loads this year and every time, I receive a reply along the lines of the following"oh i didn't want to do it immediately, are they free at the end of the year?", now surely my response of "i'm sorry this year is very busy with schedule, promotion and touring", books up the entire year?! Well I'd have thought so but apparently not. I now have about 10 emails I'm ignoring, if i could reply once more in an unprofessional manner, my response would be 'if you can't read, don't email'.

Also, had a classic call a minute a go.
Chap: "Hi, I wondered if such a such were free for a party next wednesday?",
Me: 'I'm sorry they are playing a gig up north on that day'
Chap: "The whole band?"
Me: (thinking: No, of course not the whole band, that night we decided to be experimental, send half of them to your party and the bass player and keyboardist to the gig - of the whole fucking band! Professionalism kicks in), yes the entire band are playing the gig.


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