Thursday, September 11, 2008

You can't catch a toilet seat from aids

'Morning Campers', is what I was hoping to hear at the weekend, alas I was camping but not in the 1950-60's, shame really. My obvious response would have been "hi-de-hi", instead of the tent turtle sick bucket that I became after drinking everything Devon had to offer in the way of alcohol and having a drunken walk down to the beach at 3am, where the coastguard kept on coming by to make sure my friend hadn't found the sea and decided to go for a morning swim in the dark.

This weekend was glorious, it was Luke's birthday, he was turning 27, so had the grand idea of dragging a group of his nearest and dearest friends to the Devon coast to camp??? I know, I was thinking that I was 26, not 6, but I have a rule of only one camping expedition a year, so had to stand by that rule. Most went down on Friday, myself a couple others took my shiny new car down on Saturday due to other commitments on Friday night.
The drive down was quite funny and so long due to everyone in the north part of South West England deciding to also head that way and the roadworks Bristol is currently doing, grand idea to do them on the South West express route during the "summer"?!
We finally arrived to head to the pub, in true countryside style, it was about a 3 mile walk away from anywhere. The weekend was a rather lovely affair, with a great group of friends and some how I managed to get some sun, even though I spent nearly all of Sunday puking and hungover in a tent, well what else is drink for other than to make you feel incredible about yourself and then take it all away again.

My new car is finally here, at last, only a month late and I nearly didn't it at all. It's come with a dent (which is be beaten out, once the chap can fit me in) but also a nice discount for said dent. It's shiny and relatively new and goes like the clappers and has backdoors, you've no idea how important they are until they are taken away. I'm not use to them yet, I keep on trying to load things through my front doors. I no longer have a boot release but am coping with that just about. These things are tedious but the simple things are what you deal with everyday when driving...need less to say, I'm in love with it!!!

Anyway, enough of my drivel, I've a car to drive and work to do.

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