Thursday, May 06, 2010


I'm so irritated! I've had this before and I should have copied it, in case there were issues but the stupid 'autosave' was buzzing away, so I assumed it was being saved and oh no! Was it too much effort Google, eh?

I originally wrote about doing my vote this morning and how for some reason, the polling station signs always remind me of World War Two. No idea why?

I wrote about my swollen lymph node which appeared last week behind my ear and felt as though a value price, uncooked baked bean had been slipped under my skin. Pretty gross but luckliy, it went down after two days. And I now agree that no one should ever self diagnose online. I got very irrational and feared that I'd got head lice. Wasn't so bothered with the other implications for some reason.

I wrote about my not drinking booze for a short while. Which is a good thing. I think my entire body will thank me, especially my brain that has spent many mornings pounding. Oh and I guess my liver will be pleased too. Although I thought Tom would disown me due to this but he didn't quip or comment. I'm guessing his PMT yesterday clouded his hearing, might just not mention it again and see if he remembers.

I also wrote about how I'm going to Paris with Tom. It's Supergrass' last show and I've never been there, so am all rather excited! Just need to find some money from somewhere for that and for my return trip to New Zealand next February and my trip to Newcastle mid-June and life generally. Oh money tree, why won't you grow?

I also wrote about my acquirement of an iPhone and how Tom kind of expected that if I ever got one, that would be the last he'd ever see of me. Luckily, as much as I love it, I also hate the stupidly extra clever predictive word spell. It corrects the words that are wrong but also corrects slang and nicknames. Woop = Wool. Dennos = Dennis. Me = Mr. And yet, doesn't correct a 'C' at the end of a sentence to 'X'. Stupidly extra clever piece of annoyance!
But I do, or should I say, did love this app. Although now I've completed it with Sheri's help, I feel so empty! Why did she introduce it to my life?!

Totally rocking the awesomeness of this in the Car-e-oke. I'd like to note the special performance up Divinity Road last Friday, windows down, strangled cats and Fleetwood Mac a hollering!

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