Friday, October 08, 2010

The Fall

I watched 'The Fall' last night and loved it.
It's beautifully shot and apparently no cgi was used, which is quite astounding, when you see some of the scenes. It was shot in 18 different countries. But not only is the scenery remarkable, the storyline is rather compelling and the acting relatively good (especially from the lead girl: Catinca Untaru), the costumes were extraordinary, apparently they were designed by the costume designer of 'The Cell', which makes a lot of sense. It a shame that she hasn't done more projects, as she's obviously a huge talent.
It just goes to show that with a little effort, a film can be remarkable without special effects. It truly was beautiful.

I'm surprised that there wasn't more exposure of it when it came out. Although, I guess it was the wrong time for it's release, maybe something bigger was released at the same time.

The Trailer shows some of which I'm speaking of.

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