Friday, November 05, 2010

The Recipe for Predictable Bullshit!

Take half a cup of "predictable musical patterns", quarter a cup of "The Bono Complex" and quarter a cup of "lyrics which talk about the poor and vunerable", and a teaspoon of "African culture and scenery" and what do you make? THIS!

It's a shame, it really is. They've obviously now found a sound and equation that works for them, maybe it's an easy equation and takes minimal effort, or maybe they worked their arses off to try and make anything astounding and end up with something that is predictible and mediocre, who knows? But they've come from awesome music making, through bigger things, to what I consider their best album, to *commercially acceptable (this isn't a hugely bad thing, not at all, it's just a little "sell out-ish"!), to their present album. Which I'll be honest, I haven't heard but people who' music tastes I respect and normally agree with, have all told me to abort, abort, abort. Apparently the first song is alright.
It's a shame that the Bono complex has set in. But I'm still hopeful. I hoped all the way through "Only by the Night", that they'd return more to their roots, with the progression they'd made. Alas my hopes were dashed. I'm now hoping that once again, they might just be getting this all of out of their system and return to their amazing awesomeness from before, with added progression and growth...time will tell. I won't keep my hopes up!

*Their stupid American record label have blocked all videos, on Youtube, that weren't singles in England. What the hell man?! Dicks!

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