Thursday, January 13, 2011

127 Hours

I really want to see this and I'm not a huge fan of big blockbuster Oscar nominated/winning films. I normally picket them for as long as possible, then watch them and love them, due to them generally being very good, hence the award nomination, etc. But I really want to see this.
I read a bit about Aron Ralston and loved that he wanted to make more of a documentary style film, than hollywoodesque flick.
I was thinking this morning about how the conversation between Danny Boyle and Aron went, I imagine similar to this:

Aron: Hello
Danny: Hey Aron, it's Danny Boyle, I'm a film director, I'd like to do a film about your time stuck in a crevice in Utah.
Aron: Oh right, well what type of film would it be, I'm really looking to have it documented, rather than Hollywood.
Danny: Well I'm mainly an indie director, I like to get down and gritty with the storyline and make the audience feel the characters pain.
Aron: That sounds good, what other films have you done?
Danny: I did 'Trainspotting', that is probably my biggest film. It's about heroin addicts in Glasgow. I also did a little film about the slums of India. I like to get to the real heart of the project and depict it as best I can.
Aron: I've just IMDB'd you and it says you did 'Slumdog Millionaire', didn't that win lots of awards?
Danny: Well yes but the main point was never detracted from and it was never my intention to get awards, I just wanted to portray the book as best I could.
Aron: That's understandable. Send me a script and I'll see what I think.
Danny: Thanks Aron. I really think your story is amazing and I'd love to be involved.

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