Friday, February 11, 2011

Sorry, a five letter word!

"Sorry" it's a simple word. A simple five letter word. That to some means very little, but to most means a lot.
I learnt quite early on to not be flippant with this word, otherwise when you really mean it, no one will believe you. It was a relatively valuable lesson. Due to that lesson, it's now a relatively important word to me also.

I think it's such a shame that there are people in this word who still haven't learnt the value of this word. Saying "sorry" doesn't make you weak, or make you responsible for a situation you're not comfortable with. It generally makes you stronger, and means you value the person you say it to, or at least you value their feelings. I know one person in particular who has spent most of their life throwing this word around and has never really meant it and now, the one time it would have been nice to hear it, it's no where in sight. I guess they haven't learnt the lesson yet, which is a shame.

Also, isn't it weird how there is a time limit that comes with "sorry". It's so bizarre that if you haven't heard it within a certain time of when you'd hope you might, you start to give up on that friend entirely. Who would have thought a five letter word could represent so much?

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