Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm moving to London, as of mid June. Tom and I have been planning it for ages and are finally getting everything sorted. We've found a flat, busted many a groove around our new district (Bethnal Green/Shoreditch) and applied for 1001 jobs. No jobs as of yet but they will come soon enough, positivity is the way forward.

But this does mean that I'll be departing the dizzying heights of Courtyard. 9 years of Courtyard loving and I'm finally leaving them all behind. They've kindly offered me a lunch to say "adios", which obviously I've said "hell yes" too. I'm no fool, free food + drink = funtimes Pipsywoo!
I'm a little excited about the future but I'm constantly feeling emotional about leaving this part of my life behind; work, friends, my parents being accessible and my grandma. I feel extremely bad about leaving my grandma behind but I have committed 10 years to caring for her, and my mum is soon semi-retiring, so will have more time to offer her.

For my departure lunch, I'm going to get drunk off my arse and wear sequins. I love sequins, they are so happy and sparkly! It won't be the first time I've been drunk at work, or with work colleagues but it will be the first time it's in the middle of the day and not the next day!
I'm a little worried I'll cry all the way through lunch, there I'll be, wearing hot pink sequins, drunk on red wine and crying inbetween bites of my meal, sobbing my heart out with every mouthful, declaring my undying love and appreciation for everything my bosses have done for me. Oh what a sight it'll be!

Eek! I'm so excited! Sequins, good wine, a three course meal and, me, a sobbing mess, is there anything more perfect?!

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