Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Surprises stress!

Tom has taken on the awful task of organising my 30th birthday party. Poor thing.

I'm the type of  person who starts organising my birthday, the day after my last one ends. I normally start to organise it about 2-3 months before, to give everyone enough of a heads up, I like to let people know, so they don't have to change their plans and so there is a good amount of people present. Also, I'm mental.

I hate surprises, in fact, I don't hate surprises, I hate knowing that a surprise is going to happen, but not knowing what it is. The worst thing you could say to me is "I've a surprise for you", that sets my mind wondering, and causes me a lot of craziness where I consider the worst and best possible outcomes. And this is the predicament I find myself in right now. I've known for a month that Tom was organising something, and now I've thought of 1000 different options. He's aware that setting up base in a pub all day, is perfect to me. But where?
I also gave him a list of people to invite, and he's used his intuition to invite those I've missed off, etc.

I know he has my best interests at heart and has organised something truly super, but I'm so intrigued to know what it is. It's driving me mad!!!!

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