Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Passion of Christ

I watched 'The Passion of Christ' for the first time ever last weekend. I was raised attending Catholic Church and attending occasional Sunday School classes. I studied Religious Education during my GCSE's as I wanted something interesting and challenging, additionally I have always found religion interesting bearing in mind everything it is responsible for in the world, past and present.

These were my thoughts while watching it:

Wow, Jesus created the first ever tall table and chair in the world!
The Jewish Rabbi's look like Persians.
Judas sold Jesus out for 30 pieces of silver, like the pirate he should have been.
The Devil is extremely Androgynous, I wonder if all holy beings look like that.
Mel Gibson obviously hasn't watched 'Hunt for Red October' enough to master the true art form of changing from foreign languages to 'English'. However, bravo to the cast for learning Aramaic and Latin.
They've all got excellent dental work and by that I don't mean white and straight, I mean the level of detail to dirty the actors teeth was extremely appreciated by me.
How come the Roman Soldiers do not realise that if you whip a man 50 times, then stuff a crown of thorns on his head and then make him carry a cross, if you continue to whip him, he will fall down and he will drop the cross. They are obviously not particularly bright bunnies and behaving like this, will not make said man move faster!

Additionally, I did like the film, it was a little long winded and extremely heavy going but it was good and reflected the sacrifices that he did go throw, but come on Mel Gibson, through some smiles in, somewhere...even the Bible is that arduous!!!

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