Monday, November 09, 2015

Wedding Planning

Since getting engaged (February this year), we haven't done very much in regards to the wedding, we compiled our preferred guest list, which consisted of 115 people, expecting 90 to attend. Fuck, that's a lot of people to buy dinner for, but every single one is important or proper good fun!

Since then, we've spoken about it on and off, moved it from the Oxfordshire countryside, to Central London, to East London, to South London, to Swansea, to Gorseinnon, to who knows where next!

We've gone from having it at a Hotel, to a Marquee, to an Abandoned Building, to a Sound Studio, to a Pub, to a Barn, to a Field. As I explained to my Grandma when she asked about our plans recently "there are too many options, therefore you can have anything and everything, which makes deciding far too hard".

One of my friends got engaged in July and was joking that she'd probably be married before me, I wouldn't be surprised. When I met up with her two months later, she was on the same page as us, realising that it was just a lot of work and money and decisions and putting it off, or not committing was a lot easier, than actually planning and arranging it.

I recently thought that a vineyard in Wales would be a lovely option, off to Google I went, however most of them weren't taking bookings in 2016 anymore. And then I found this: Fforest
The idea of a weekend of celebrations and fun with my friends and family is perfect, however the cost is something else...we shall see.

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