Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Depression Update

I've been to the Doctors and will get a referral, Ro things that maybe it is my emotions being misplaced and materilising through anger and impatience, instead of tears. We shall see, it is definitely an option...what ever it is, I hope it changes soon, I'm fed up of being angry, bitchy me, who hates seeing people she loves, feels isolated and spends her time surrounded by people I hardly know so that I don't have to talk about me.

In fact on that note, I saw a friend for lunch today and we discussed miscarriages and death, she lost her Father last year. We spoke about how bad people are at dealing with people who have lost and how they over think everything, rather than allowing the bereaved to lead conversations and to carry on as normal, letting people come to them if they want to. It is so funny how we all experience loss over and over again and yet we are generally terrible at talking about it and knowing how to support people who have been affected. We agreed that if we all just opened up a little and discussed it in a more open forum then we could be more effective and helpful, maybe one day.

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