Monday, May 16, 2016

Eurovision 2016

I LOVE Eurovision! My parents never really watched it, however my friend's parents did and I used to stay during that weekend. I'm not sure if it is the cheese factor, poor song writing, excessive costumes, but I adore it!

Now, since Australia were invited to join, they appear to have taken it a little seriously...which will need to rectified. We must ensure that someone sends them a memo stating that it's never to be serious and terrible is much more appropriate. I'll start writing it up as soon as possible...they should know.Additionally, this year they nearly won, so I guess we should discuss where they will host it, if they do win in the future, as let's be fair, it can't be hosted in their fair country. I guess Scandinavia or Britain would be best. I'd suggest Ireland but they've been purposefully not winning due to finances, or should I say the lack of them!
Many people joked about Australia being part of Europe, check out this helpful map:

European Map
image courtesy of the internet

I joked that Australia were invited out of kind one time and didn't realise that it wasn't a repeat invite...however I'm enjoying that it is becoming a bigger thing.
This year, Sweden's production value was far too high and Justin Timberlake shouldn't have appeared, but all in all it was a good evening. Even the new, maddening scoring was filled with tense and nail biting moments, I hope it continues through to next year also!
My other hope is that if we continue to extend invites to other countries that we never, I repeat never, let America in. They will just ruin it for everyone, however Canada, you are welcome any time! I can see it now, Mounties flying across the stage and the singer dressed in Ice hockey gear and a Moose climbing a mountain...while writing to Australia, I may write to Canada also.
For anyone interested, here is a map (I believe it to be accurate) explaining when certain countries joined the wonderful evening of celebration, nothing political and national humiliation:

Eurovision Map
image courtesy of the internet

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