Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dear PB - Pt.1

You amaze me most days and you are changing so quickly, I found your first freckle the other day it's half way down the left side of your trunk, under your armpit. Your second one is in front of your left earlobe. Your dad thinks it's funny that these kinds of thinks make me happy and wonders why I rave about them - I'm not sure why but they do. I guess it marks your adaption from being something I created to becoming your own self...long may it continue!

You have shown characteristics of being stubborn and knowing what you want - they are from me; they are not bad traits. They will help you know what you want and will support you in not being led into situations which don't make you comfortable. Always ensure that you are happy with the situation at all times, if something doesn't feel right - walk away and say 'screw that and screw you'.
True friends will respect and love you no matter what. I've been fine tuning my friendship group since my early Twenties - trimming the fat - which has resulted in me having some of the greatest friends ever. Most of whom I look forward to you getting to know the older you get, each one is important and treasured by me for different reasons and they will help support you in your later years, they will also allow you to stay with them during trips away - well, they better!

Just be happy, you've brought so much joy to my life over the last 13 months...as long as you can support yourself and anyone you bring into this world, you are doing well. You don't need to be rich, have this or own that, all you need is to be content. Careers will come and go, change and adapt, and some companies and colleagues will screw you over - learn from them, walk away, grow and move on - otherwise it's a wasted opportunity to grow and develop.
Ensure you have some shit jobs and remember that the person opening the door, serving you in a shop / cafe or bar, is a parent / friend or child of someone else and they deserve your respect and love - always say please and thank you. You can be at the top of the ladder one day and find yourself at the bottom the next day, if you are polite, courteous and kind to people on the way up, they'll pick you up should you find yourself at the bottom on day. Don't step over anyone and always smile at homeless people, they are people to and are just down on their luck.

Be a good person.
Don't harbour ill will or thoughts,
Never be jealous and don't worry - they are wasted energies.
Hold your head high and smile at everything which is thrown your way.
And if all else fails, just laugh in the face of absurdity, because life is ridiclous most of the time.

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