Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Structure and Lifestyle

I woke up this morning as I always do, tired, fed up and craving more sleep. Lately my whole schedule has gone out of the window. When I first started having acupunture, my acupunturists made an observation 'It appears to me that your a tourist in your own life, you have no schedule or pattern, there is no balance or regularity. When are you returning from your holiday to a healthy life style?", to which I quite frankly just looked puzzled and kept myself in a state of stunned silence.
Now I've always thought that I had a rather dull, uninteresting, regular life style, where it's all pretty structure and routine but apparently not, apparently answering 'well it depends on the day, where I am and who I'm with', isn't acceptable. So I set about trying to get some structure, the only thing I could really change was my sleep pattern, so I tried most nights to be asleep by midnight and failing that definiately by one. The problem being that I'm such a night owl, I can happily stay up for two days straight and would only start to get tired towards the end of the second night. My body clock become alerts at around 8-9pm, all of a sudden, I can think clearly and get these grand spurts of energy, I could run a marathon but only if it was held at 9pm onwards. I've always been this way but since I started working at the night club, it really came in to it's own. I'm hoping that now I've left, I may settle in to a more normal pattern but I know that it's a futile, pointless thing to hope for, I've always been this way.
So once again, I'm going to structure my sleep pattern and be in bed by 12, if nothing more...although for the last 3 nights I've said this and for the last 3 nights, I've ended up watching films, talking to my housemates or chatting on msn with people. Damn that temptation, it's just all to appealing!

Other than my lack of sleep and inability to structure my life, all is pretty well at the mo. Except I currently have 'Pop is dead' By Radiohead stuck in my head, I just want to scream and scream and I haven't even heard it, I just happened to spot it on my iTunes earlier and ever since have been singing away in my head...and the worse thing is I keep on seeing Thom Yorke popping out of the coffin, god the video is atrocious, if you've seen it, your lucky, due to it being locked away in the vaults somewhere and it's a rare sighting, like witnessing a baby deer run for the first time (unless your a hunter and then it's grab your gun time, although to be fair, a baby deer is a bit of an easy target and if your a skilled huntsman, surely your should go for a harder target, although they are smaller than most a stag, so slightly harder to hit, oohhh anyway, as I was saying?!) and unlucky, due to it being so dyer.

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Peter said...

Hey Pip Pop

What are your energy levels like in the morning?

How much exercise do you get?

From Professor Huggins