Thursday, December 14, 2006

So It's all about ...

I had a dream last night that I was the "Ghost Whisperer', it's was awesome, I was walking around talking to all these dead people and catching up on the gossip...shit thing was, that one of the people was my mum and hell no, there is no way that is happening for a while, I'm so not ready to say goodbye to either of my delectable parents! Other than that though, it was quite cool...although waking up crying, as I was upset due to my ma's passing, wasn't overly great but it's not the first time I've had that dream and it won't be the last.

I'm all about steak at the moment, I can't get enough dead cow, it's quite worrying, it can come with anything and everything, I've eaten out twice in the last 2 days and have had steak both times, both medium rare, both with different sauces. both yummy and I'm hoping that I won't need a third one, other wise I may fret.

I'm sleeping so heavily that it's making me exhausted, which is a bizarre experience.

My brow won't desist this constant need to tense, so I'm always fixed in a frown, which is an odd thing to do...I'm now developing wrinkles between my eyebrows and suffering from constant tension headaches. I've even found that turning the brightness down on my work computer and laptop doesn't help much, I think I'm doomed to have watchers brow (the observers equivilent for smoking drag lines) for the rest of my life!

Oh well back to the incessant requirement to be at work, without any work to do.

Talking of work, the other day we were sent the following book for one of the people we represent:

Originally, we thought 'wow, what a lovely gesture. I'm sure he and his children will love it', thinking an atlas, great and animals, even better. There is nothing more that a young boy would want. Although on a closer look, we realised that it was a Creantionist's book of their supposed "proof" that evolution never happened and that the almighty placed everything on this planet, with a greater plan.
Now, I'm a fan of random religions and The Evangelical Church of Creation, is one of my more favourites, in my eyes they are up there with the Mormon, who are brilliant...the reason they are one of the largest religions is because they convert the dead (fantastic idea, bless them) and the fact that they compared the South Park Mormons episode, to what the Mormons' are taught and they admitted that it's near enough the same. Crazy and they aren't even concerned with how ludricrious it looks but then again, why should they be, as they've got faith and that's all they need.
One of my other favourite religions is Scientology, it's based on a science fiction book...pure genius! Although I probably shouldn't laugh, as all of the other religions are based on
If anyone ever fancies a flick through this book, just let me know...their excuses for how you can make a fossil within a day, is impressive! If you'd like to learn more about them Click Here. i know for a fact that I'd opt to go there, instead of Disney World, why go to see fairy tales in progress and Mickey Mouse, when you can learn and find out about an alternative view, a view that comes from 300 years ago, way before Darwin and his crazy ideals.

Toddle Pip.

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