Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chrimbo, Ho Ho Ho!

Ahh, so at last, Pauline Fowler has passed on and how sweet, full of redemption and regret but oh no, it's just that little bit to late, gosh darn it!
Last night was a night filled with perfecting the Christmas presents I was giving, making some last minute pieces of jewellery for some of my friends and watching bad films relating to Christmas. The worse being: Whoppi Goldberg's "Call Me Claus", in which she discovers that she is in fact, the next Father Christmas, it nearly made me loose the will to live but fortunately, I've watched some crap in the past, so that saved me. The best being the ultimate Christmas film - "Santa Claus: The Movie", although watching "Uncle Buck" (not a Christmas film but on at Christmas) was a thoroughly enjoyable hour and a half spent.
At half ten, I popped to a place called The Zodiac, not sure if any of you Oxfordian's know of it but it's a fantastic little dive, which is close to my heart and means a lot to me. I spend most of the evening in the DJ booth with the delectable Miss Nelly B Page and Mr Tommy Kneecaps. I also came out of the ladies downstairs and slipped arse over tits, the first and hopefully last time ever, 'twas quite funny. Photos to follow of the evening on my myspace blog.
Christmas was spent with the family, feeling hungover and tired, making adult conversation and opening presents. Joy!!

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