Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Onions, Apples and Potatoes

Apparently, if you tasted Onions, Apples and Potatoes without your sense of smell, they would all taste the same and feel the same, texture wise.

I don't know if I believe it but I'm tempted to try it out. Maybe one night or on some weekend very soon, I'll try my own little experiment and I'll write a report and let you all know.

I wonder if it matters which type of Onions, Apples and Potatoes I use, and obviously I don't mean ones like Pickled Onions, Toffee Apples and Potato Chips (Crisps), I mean as in: Red or White Onions? Braeburn or Pink Ladies? King Edwards or White Potatoes?

Anyway, here's to science and still performing experiments years after I left school...I always did appreciate Chemistry.

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