Friday, January 05, 2007

The Trials and Tribulations of Owning a Goldfish Called Bob (Part 1)

Just before Christmas, I finally took the dive and bought myself a pet. A few years a go, I owned fish with my ex, they resided with him, we went through about 7 and we gave up, I'm not sure if they starved, were over fed or just depressed but none of them survived.

So, after some time of continually telling my housemates that I was going to buy a goldfish and call it Bob, I finally did!

On the Friday before Christmas, when most of my housemates had departed for home, I purchased little Bobafet. I was going to buy the cutest little glass bowl, but was informed that if my beloved housemates were to buy one each, I'd need a larger one, so bought a huge bowl, it's the hugest thing in the world, if Bobafet died early on, I would have used it as an astronauts helmet...yeah that big!!!

So, one bowl, one cute little fish, some food and some water conditioners later, I was on my way back up Madgalen Road.
Once home, I introduced Bob to Lollipop, just before she left for the north (and I mean the northernest part of north, all the way up by Geordi-land!). Once set up, little Bob was rested for a while to aclimatise to the water, then released...a little like when Willy was freed by that annoying little kid. He swam and dove and ate and bobbeded (I know it's not a word, but go with me) everywhere. I fed him and watched him for hours, everytime I walked by him, I'd say hello and give him a little wave. He shat a lot and I mean big long ones that stuck to his bum, he also danced a lot and also came to the surface without any qualms when feeding time arrived.

Bob in his bowl, on the day of purchase

After Christmas had come and gone and my housemates had returned, CarrieMac and I popped down to The Goldfish bowl. Once in the shop, I asked for a water check, as I didn't want to pollute any other fishies than my own and CarrieMac went to admire the fishies and select her fishy, after loads of debating and tooing and throwing, she decided on one which looks like a little punk, I want her to call it Ray but it's up to her, so we will see...she was keen on a Bubble Eyed but I convinced her other wise, as I wouldn't have been able to take the bowl seriously. Once the water check was back the man chuckled at me when he returned and said that I was killing my fish, so I got a little upset and £30 later had purchased a water filter and the information to save Bob. I was also told to not feed him as much, although I was hardly feeding him in the first place, so Bob went on a diet.

5 days later with bastard New Year out of the way, Viktorious, CarrieMac and I went back to The Goldfish Bowl. Once again with a water test in mind, I wanted to make sure that Bob's water was getting better. CarrieMac went to check to see if her fish was still there, it was and Viktorious went to see which fishy she'd opt for...with fishies in mind, I went to collect the results of my water test and once again I was informed that I was still killing Bob, although it's better than it was, which is nice. So I discussed which gravel would be best, as maybe the stones I had weren't helping, I was right and I got some new filter tops and some lovely gravel. I was informed to part change his water once a day for three days and to not feed him.

Friday morning came round (that's today by the way) and I woke up to change Bob's water. Once done, I also put the new gravel in, I rinsed it and made it all pretty, added the water and poof! It became all murky, so I hoped that it would clear up, I put the filter on and after an hour, it was still gross, so I took the exective decision and did a full water change and rewashed the gravel. Once all back in with the water conditioners and the right temperature, I left little Bob to potter around his temporary bowl and in Viktorious' care, as I had a lunch date. After lunch, back home, yes I know I'm not a very caring mother, leaving him in his hour of need, I checked to see if he was fine and he was happy as Larry (although I'm still unsure who Larry is and why he was so happy! but that's another blog), the water was still a little murky but it was clearing up and is still clearing up...he's bobbing about and I'm trying not to taunt him by eating in front of him, as that is cruel.

This is Bob today, he's looking good but getting a little camera shy. (Sorry if you can't really see him againist the gorgeous golden curtain of wonder but it's impressively Golden.)

He's the love of our house' life and he's so happy. Everyone has chats with him and we all end up giving him looks, while the TV is getting boring. He's a fixture and we all adore him. Once The Goldfish Bowl has stopped telling me that I'm killing him, we'll have two more fishies with him, although I'm concerned that maybe Bob will be to set in his ways and way to much of a loner and won't be able to settle with two more fishies but who knows what will happen. Let's just hope that on Monday morning, the water will be perfect and Bobafet will have some little buddies, yeah!!!


Mr Axl said...

You shoul adopt a child and write a blog about that.

Pipsywoo said...

That would cost loads of money and way to much time on something other than myself...maybe in 10
But good idea Axl.