Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bliming cameo's

So I finally went to see Hot Fuzz yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed it and liked it a lot more than Shawn of the Dead (please keep your comments and views to yourselves, lol). I haven't laughed like that for ages, so really enjoyed it.
I loved the cameos from so many well known actors and comedians but most of the way through the film, I couldn't suss out why I knew who Blower and Wainwright were, it irritated me for ages and finally, thanks to the wonders of the web...Frank Bloody Gallagher, damn him! And only bloody Dead Man's Shoes star Paddy Considine, god the internet is a wonderful place!
Yeah, I'd recommend it to everyone.

As for Babel, it's another film (after Se7en, Fight Club, Twelve Monkeys, need I go on?!) where Brad Pitt decides he has to prove he can act "for christ's sake, we know this already, get over it!". So yeah, it's ok, really long, a bit shit and pointless...although the portrayl with the Japanese deaf mute girl has an interesting part with the night club, which is actually quite intense but the rest of it is dull. The only thing that kept me going were the occasional clips of Gael Garcia Bernel, god bless his pretty face and soul. Don't bother, unless you've time to waste.

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