Friday, February 09, 2007

It feels like ages, since I felt like this...

On a day where Anna Nicole Smith has died for currently unknown reasons, Axl claims not to find the appeal of porn appertising and my fortnight finally looks like it's going to take a turn for the better, finally.
I today have found myself watching two films while sat at my desk. The first being "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer", now I got excited about this when I saw the trailer and I wasn't disappointed (except for the lack of attempt at accents, bloody American audiences), although I haven't read the book and when I told Julie from the office what I was watching, she observed that he wasn't unattractive enough and then continued with her comments. although little do you all know, that I'm refusing to ever read the book before watching the film, as I'm always so dissapointed with the film and I hate being disappointed by films, as I adore them. If the book takes my fancy, then I may carry on with a book but I'm not a big reader, in fact it's more I don't find much time to read, I'm always on the go with creating, sewing, cooking, baking or something else.
The second film I observed was "A Night at the Museum", it was rather good. It had a brilliant cast and I did enjoy it, it was nice to just be able to switch off and not think about what's going on and as always the typical Disney ending was installed, which is nice.

I've had an odd week, with interesting revelations, horrendous hangovers, sales offers for my creations, home truths, dinner parties, calls from abroad, forced holidays from friends who need to be alone to deal with their past, tears and upsets, mega make-up, burnt mouths from Ratatouille, trips away from Oxford, an amazing gig and a crap gig and finally, Karma coming to serve up some just deserts, which is always pleasant to observe, especially when I've been on the receiving end of these certain people's actions. I wish all the best to those who are being bitten by Karma but don't turn to me anymore, as this door mat has walked away.

For once and the first time in a while, I'm thinking about me and not how my actions effect others and it feels alright. I'm not sure how long I'll wear this jacket for, as it's not really my thing but for now, it's a cosy fit but I think I'll keep the training wheels on for a while, just in case.

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