Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bloody learner drivers.

Today I've been followed (I say followed but they are always in front of me which implies I'm stalking them, although I'm not) by every bloody learner driver on the roads of Oxfordshire. Every time I got rid of one, another would crop up and totter along in front of me, causing me to get annoyed. And not only are they out in force and copying my every move, they are also just starting out in the driving stakes, so therefore stalling, weaving, not indicating, breaking 30 meters away from the hazard, etc, bloody people. I try and be considerate, as I don't want to add to their nerves and I remember what it was like to be a learner (all those years ago) but bloody fucking hell, Jesus, Joseph and Mary - Fucking get out of my way and off the roads, until you've learnt to drive.

A future blog of mine, will be one about bi-cycling and how much fun it is, in and around the city of Oxford. You'll also be introduced to the Fluorescent Wonder, if you haven't already seen me flying around on her. She really is a beauty to behold.
And no, I'm not choosing bi-cycling over driving, hell no but it is a handy alternative in a city, where the Council constantly rip up the roads, make it hell to get from one side to the other, charge ridiculous prices for parking and remove parking spaces whenever they fancy.

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Lunched Luke said...

inner city cycling - please...