Monday, November 12, 2007

Axl stress

I was asked by Axl to write a blog for him...lazy bastard. So I had a think, a long winded think about what topics to write about...and came up with a whole lot of nothing. so i wrote about his office and now, I'm a little scared, is it going to be good enough? Is it going to be what he wanted? Will his audience like it? Golly the stress is to much, so for now I'm going to crawl in to a small hole and try to not think about it, easier said then done, of course.

To read my blog for Axl or generally quite funny stuff Click Here. Hopefully I'll be Guest Blogger 8.

1 comment:

Mr Axl said...

For the record, Pippa's guest post is awesome.

Sadly Guest Blogger #8 was already taken, so Pippa will be Guest Blogger #9.

I hope she doesn't mind too much.