Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bugger bugger bugger, did i say bugger?

Why is it when all you want is for someone to call you back, the last thing they do is that?
How come when you're in a hurry, some cunt drives as slowly as possible in front of you?
How come when you plan a quiet night in, its the same night one of your friends has a major crisis, therefore leaving you unable to have your night off?
How come when it's quiet at the bar i work at, it's also the one night when some boring prick sits at the end of my bar and decides they want chatter?
How come no one will ever take responsibility for others behaviour or property?
How come when your brain is about to explode, some arsehole continues to ask questions, even though you've no more space to fit anything else in your head?
and why the fuck, regardless of which phone network you use, do they kidnap text and answerphone messages for days on end, yeah cheers for that?!
And most of all, how come the one night you really need sleep, you can't do so?!

As you can tell, I'm in a foul mood...all of these fucking things above have happened to me this week. Why everyone won't just leave me alone for a day or night, why i'm unable to be allowed to just be, instead of having to be something is beyond me...but one thing i know is that i'm fed up with it.

Rant over!!!

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