Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oscar Wilde had it right...

...with one of his more commonly known quotes "I can resist anything, except temptation". Too bloody true.
Temptation, it's a hard one, for me as a consumer it's all around and I always buckle, someone mentions crisps or chocolate or going out for a pint and my mind starts spinning...dreaming of those salty potato slices, the sensation of melted chocolate on the tongue or that fizzy golden juice to quench my thirst. Even writing this, I'm thinking about how on my way home I could pick up some beers. And then my main problem crops up again, I've no money. I've ways around this by going to the pub I work in and putting it on my tab but no no, can't do it...I've been so good lately. 
I've been so good in fact, that I've finally finished jobs around the house that needed doing; I've finished wall papering my wardrobes (only took me 8 months), have also resorted my wardrobe, finished a friends birthday present, fixed some broken items and I may even tonight get my sewing pile semi sorted, who knows?! Or then again, I may get bored of being in and cave by going to the "pub at the bottom of the hill" for a thirst quenching drink?! 

Bloody temptation, no matter how little or small, it's all around and always ready to pounce.
I've also just discovered that New Look is finally online, ever since the new shopping centre in Didcot opened, it's become my favourite shop to buy clothes and shoes from, not that I buy much any more due to my "financial issues". This is enough to make me want to drawl through the pages and pages of shoes and clothes, was also trying to suss out ways to buy without having to pay immediately - yeah I know, stupid as it is. I won't be applying for a store card, that is one lesson I've learnt. Also don't have a credit card currently due to my "issues" and have no intention of applying for another one. But in the back of my consumer run brain, someone is crying 'find a way, these things sell like hot cakes, they'll be gone by the time your cheque comes through, just do it!', but I won't give in, well not till my cheque comes and then I may give in a little...

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