Friday, July 11, 2008

Story lines that don't add up

Lots of people complain about Sex and the City (all blokes can please hold their comments) and how unrealistic it is with pay, flats, lifestyle, etc (i'm a huge fan, don't get me wrong, not in a compulsive scary way but I like it) but my biggest problem is the fact that Miranda Hobbs had a baby with a guy called Steve Brady. They aren't married and live separately, she decides to call the kid Brady (yep his dad's surname) and then in Series 6 they get married, so the kid is now called Brady Brady - is it just me or is this extremely cruel? Especially as it's brought up when Samantha mets Smith Jared that it turns out his parents called him Jared Jared.

And another problem with a TV show I have is Fraiser. Daphne (played by Jane Leeves who is from Essex) is supposed to be from Manchester, she has a southern accent. Her brother Simon (played by American Anthony Lepagho - Without a Trace) comes to visit and has an cockney accent, even though he's supposed to be Manchunian. Later on, her brothers Michael (played by Robbie Coltrane - Scottish) and Stephen (played by Richard E Grant, English) visit. Michael has a mumbly Scottish accent and Stephen has another southern English accent. Fraiser is supposed to be an intelligent show, surely someone realised that Manchester is up north and has a rather obvious accent, and they got away with this monstrosity of accents for 11 years! I like the show but every time I watch it, I just get frustrated and it doesn't help that it's on TV at the time I'm getting ready to come to work, so it's either put up with it or watch Jeremy Kyle - there no contest really.

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