Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I've not blogged much, not had much to write about.

I've been updating my Amazon wishlist with some more bad looking films. Knitting some fabulous items. Planning on learning the art of crochet soon. And coveting the Tavi t-shirt (see below), it's not very me but I adore it!

Personally, absolutely love her, think she's fabulous and also think it's brilliant that she upsets the fashion industry so very much! I've read her entries and find that it's a little like when I used to read Vogue monthly, I only ever understood half of which is written but still am more than happy to read away.
In fact, talking of Vogue, I got such a huge desire to read it the other day, I went on the hunt for a copy, couldn't find one anywhere, so settled for a copy of Elle. It just isn't the same. Still stuffed full of adverts but the photo shoots aren't as slick and the writing isn't as polished. I heart Vogue!

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