Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 Downing St vs White House

I was told a few years a go that 10 Downing Street was larger in sq ft than The White House.
Normally I would have double checked this but I totally forgot too. I'm now trying to check it online now and can't find the sq ft of 10 Downing St. The White House is 55,000 sq ft. But how big is Downing St?

Apparently, it literally goes as deep as the next street along and Wiki says that it is three houses knocked through: a mansion, a townhouse and a cottage, surely it's got a basement too, which all adds to the sizing.

Oh, I must know the answer...the internet is suppose to hold the answer to everything and yet?!


han said...

challenge accepted! I can't help myself..

according to that, a whopping 72,603 square feet, which I wasn't expecting at all. weird!


Pipsywoo said...

Thank you Han. Much appreciated. I was lost in the world of search engines with shit results.

So in fact, 10 Downing St, is larger! This means I have not been giving incorrect facts out, which is a relief!