Friday, February 12, 2010


I've so many things I want to write about:
Mainly, why women are always the villians or the victims in relationship break ups, according to the media, but never the triumphant, strong or brave?!

But also:
Why certain people find it extremely hard to see things from other people's points of view?
Why Jeremy Vine made me cry earlier today! And plus, how hard it is to drive while crying!
That I'm extremely happy in my love life currently, who knew turning a good friend in to an even better "friend" could have supplied that?
Why I hate winter, as it's impractical footwear wise. Icy ground means not being able to wear high heels, which sucks!
Why I'd rather be poor, fat and happy, than rich, thin and miserable!
And talking about rich and poor, why is it that the tight fuckers always have more money but most of their friends tire of their tight ways and stop offering. Whereas most of the poorer people are always the most generous. Is it because they can appreciate the joys in life, without money misting their vision? Probably! And why is it that tight people never view themselves as tight?

But regardless of that! I'm totally loving these little fellas! Julie pointed me to this website yesterday and I've looked through. Most of the clothes are lovely, although a lot are made from man made material, yuck!
Some of the shoes are truly charming, if only I had all the money in the world!
But in the 'Apartment' section I found these little shrooms. I love salt and pepper shakers, the quirkier the better. I'm also loving the Woodland Critter Whisks and Hitchcock style 'The Birds' pillowcases!
I adore these hugging guys, they have them at the house up north I stay at and I think they are so cute. But little mushrooms, oh my god! And I don't even like mushrooms.
I look forward to having a proper home home one day, so I can decorate it with awesome looking random items and gorgeous nick-nacks! The best I can do in my current house is candles in bottles on the window sill and randomly placed lamps and fairylights...I dream of the day when I have my own brightly decorated town house, where friends can vegetate and chill. I'm still coveting this chandelier, I really want a white wash hallway with black and white floor tiles and this gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling!

Talking about 'Oh my god', this reminds me of when Genevieve met Tom, the eve of his birthday, and she was a little merry. Gen replied "OMG" to something Tom had said and Tom was all "what? sorry?". Not sure why but the idea of Tom not having ever heard of the term OMG makes me chuckle!

Also, I watched a French film the other day. It was 1 hour 50 minutes long and the only piece of nudity in it was at 1 hour 30 minutes and it was side boob and partial nipple! In my eyes, this can not be classified as a real French film. I do not accept it!

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