Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Heart Lost, Brother!


I wish I could go back and watch it all in one like this!

It's so so good! Had me in fits! It's pretty accurate and exactly how I feel about the show!

I just wrote this blog, it was perfect and blogger deleted it, am gutted!

I know I've blogged about my love for Locke before, I'm pretty sure that I haven't blogged about my actual love for Lost, maybe I have. If so, I'm sorry for being repetitive.

I'm so gutted, I lost my original posting, oh the irony that I lost my Lost blog?!
Anyhow. I've watched Lost since the beginning. Since the moment the original adverts came on TV, the black screen with the spinning word 'LOST' hurling towards the screen, oh Lost! If only someone had told me how emotionally draining, frustrating, exciting and confusing our relationship would be, but how could they? They didn't know and nor did I.

Oh Lost, how I heart thee!
I've watched every episode of Lost and have never missed one. I've spent many hours screaming at the screen, normally along the lines of "Noooo", "you can't be serious?", "what the ?", "oh my god?!", etc. It's been so exhilarating! And every year when the series ends, I suffer withdrawal and depression, it's so hard some times to be so in love with a TV show. What will I do when Series 6 finishes for good?!

I often read this blog online and near enough all of the comments that accompany every entry. I like to read up, as my mythological and religious knowledge isn't that great. I also love hearing other people's views and opinions as to what is going on. You can watch an entire episode, think you understand and then realise you've no idea, no idea what so ever. Some episodes are so complex and full of information and others are very light hearted and simple, of course, Lost being Lost, this means that there are 1000s of "*easter eggs" hidden away for all to see if they are willing too. But more than anything, I just love being entertained for 44 minutes a week.

I've tried to read DarkUFO but it's a little too complicated at times. I often check in on Lostpedia to brush up on knowledge, characters, etc.
I adore how most Lost fans are pretty die hard obsessives. I know I am.

I once dated a guy who also loved Lost. It was the main thing we had in common. Not a great basis for a relationship but it was so exciting having someone to obsess with about the show.

Since series 6 started up, I've gotten overly excited. Maybe a little bit too much for my other half to deal with. I've spent hours in bed reading sites and theories, while I should have been conversing with Tom. Poor bloke. I'm not sure if it is all my excited rants about the shows, or the way my eyes light up when I talk about it, or if he's just finally been beaten in to submission but he's now watching the show. He seems to like it. It's so exciting. I can't wait for him to have watched all 5 series and be able to view the second video above and belly laugh, just as I did. I've started watching them too and it's more incredible than I can describe to go back and see the story building, Oh Lost, Lost, Lost!

Tom even joked the other day about having a Lost night, where we do the drinking game. Near enough all main characters have a repetitive behavioural pattern or catchphrase and you drink when you witness it. Although, Tom thinks it would make more sense if you drank every time you feel confused.
Maybe I could order some DHARMA t-shirts for us to wear, but which station would I choose?! Or would I just go for the original DHARMA one. Oh the decisions!

I also adore this blog but haven't had time to go back to 2007 and start from the beginning...

It's not as good as the original blog but it'll have to do, Brother!

*The creators term for hidden clues and nuggets of information.

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