Friday, March 12, 2010

So in love...

McQueen's last show

I used to read Vogue lots and had to stop, as it was an expense I could do without.
Now, I read online blogs for my gossip.
I'm positively in love with many of these dress, especially No.3, No.4, the jacket of No.9, I adore No.11 and No.12.

I'm also in complete love with this dress from Coast but the amount I've raved about it, I won't go in to it now.

Last night I discovered Irregular Choice's website, foolish me!
I'm now in love with: These shoes in any colour, these boots,these boots, these boots and can't make my mind up on which I prefer out of this bag or this bag!

Damn you Irregular Choice for making so many truly beautiful and also, truly hideous items!

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