Thursday, July 22, 2010


Once again I've spent many hours reading other people's blogs for entertainment and failing to write anything on my own.
Things that have happened recently, well I say things, I mean endless events that mean I've drank far too much and done nothing productive. Although I've started a new scarf, a thin, wide black one, which will be extra long and extra cosy by the arrival for Winter. And I've finally committed to doing the baby blankets, to sell somewhere, it seems utterly crazy that I've had loads of down time lately and not done anything, other than eating, drinking and staying merry.
I've also just acquired a new job of cleaning rented accommodation in Oxford, once the lazy tenants have moved out. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little excited about this. I've two friends on board and my darling boyfriend has offered his time too (god, he's good. I still don't believe my luck at times). Plus, we get to nose around accommodation and earn pretty good amounts of money for a few hours work. The first one is tonight, we will see how it goes...

The Carnival was drunken, and as usual I enjoyed my The Star emotional outburst, every year like clockwork, I can be perfectly happy and yet here come the tears, it's like I've drunk through my happiness and need to go through emotional distress and then straight back to drunken happiness! Oh joy! Maybe next year, I'll conquer the emotions while drunk.
Tom and I went to Wireless Festival so he could see his musical hero in action, LCD Soundsystem. It was good, we stood right at the front and had a merry buzz was a really nice day, we saw some friends and generally spent the entire day hanging out with each other. One of the better moments was that we were stood under the confetti bombs!

A couple of weekends a go, Tom and I headed north to Holmfirth and my two best friends came to stay with their consecutive partners. It was really nice to hang out with them and to let them get to know Tom, it was an all round success! The sell lots of local produce in most of the shops there, one being "Traffic Jam", which is Gooseberry, Apricot and Strawberry Jam layered in the one jar.
At the end of the lane the house is situated on, is Daisy Books, it's such a charming looking shop, especially with it's bunting strung up. On Saturdays there is a charming market held, which has some lovely stalls and really reminds me of East Oxford farmer's Market, held every Saturday off the Cowley Road. I should really get my arse in gear and get back there to sell some of my creations, I really loved meeting everyone and just hanging out, although the early morning starts do give it a little bit of a tarnish for my liking...especially as I'm normally there supping a red bull and everyone else is wearing their homemade items and eating Organic food...opps! Maybe next time I'll take homemade Sloe Gin to drink instead, at least I'll be relatively in keeping. Anyhow, back to Holmfirth! We were only there for a couple of days, most was spent drinking, eating and hanging out. Sunday morning saw us all decamping up the road to do a 5 mile walk, it was beautiful. The perfect weather, pubs along the walk to replenish and recharge, and generally beautiful views. We walked through some villages and across some reservoirs, which supplied some skimming opportunities for the guys. That evening was spent playing CraniumI can't recommend this game enough, especially if you've got a Jo & Chad to compete against who are so very very entertaining!!! Unfortunately, Monday came around and we had to return to reality, it sucked but Tom and I had our compulsory road trip meal of fast food at the service station. I very much look forward to the day when we can lounge around together and chill out, why won't retirement hurry up...

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