Friday, July 23, 2010

Monthly paintings

I'm not going to lie, this article has made me feel about 100 times worse than I already do (I've got a weird, dizzy, out of head thing going on currently) but I'm kind of fascinated and also think the two canvases featured look rather beautiful, and a little as though they were collected from the scene of a massacre.

But it is kind of gross and why is that? Is it due to it being classified as human waste, or is it because it's blood? Or is it because it's menstrual blood and it's always been we females little secret. It's not something men generally understand or want to understand.
God knows but it's made me feel dizzier and a little more sicker, if not, a little more open to viewing my monthly visitor in a new light. Not that I'll be swatting over a canvas any time soon.

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